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Abandoned Vessel Resource, Florida Debris Response Plan, and Marine Debris Calendars

A few updates on marine debris resources now available and planning efforts underway in the Gulf of Mexico:

After a successful Abandoned and Derelict Vessel (ADV) workshop at the DRC in April 2015, NOAA's Marine Debris Program has launched its ADV InfoHub web page. This online resource features a clickable map with information on state-specific ADV laws, programs, and case studies. In an effort to increase regional preparedness, NOAA's Marine Debris Program is currently working with partners in the state of Florida to create a marine debris response plan. This plan will outline agency roles, responsibilities, and capabilities when marine debris is the result of a natural disaster or requires urgent action. A similar state emergency debris plan already has been released for Alabama. Lastly, the 2016 Marine Debris Calendars featuring K-8th grade art contest winners are now available. Please email NOAA's Gulf of Mexico Marine Debris Regional Coordinator, Kim Albins, to receive a copy.

Derelict boat partially submerged in a Gulf of Mexico marsh.
Ships end up wrecked or abandoned for many reasons and can cause a variety of environmental and economic issues. After Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, thousands of vessels like this one needed to be scrapped or salvaged in the Gulf of Mexico. (NOAA)