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Job Aid Order Form

Use this form to order print job aids, booklets designed to help oil spill responders complete spill response tasks.

To order job aids: Print, fill out, and then fax this order form to 206.526.4442 (secure fax), attention Order Department.

Questions: Contact us by email or phone (206.526.6558) with questions about ordering job aids.


Item Quantity Unit
Open Water Oil Identification Job Aid  (tear-resistant flipbook)
A flip booklet with aerial color photos of oil on water to aid in oil slick identification of thickness, structure, and estimated volumes of oil on the water. It uses new standardized language and codes for oil slick color/appearance and structure/distribution in order to facilitate accurate communication between observers and responders.
View an online version [PDF, 8.4 MB]
Dispersant Observer Job Aid   (laminated flipbook)
A flip booklet with color photos to aid people who have completed training in dispersant application observation. Use it to refresh your memory on how to observe and identify dispersed and undispersed oil, describe oil characteristics, and report this information to decision-makers.
View an online version [PDF, 2.1 MB]
Shoreline Assessment Job Aid  (laminated flipbook)
A flip booklet with color photos of surface oil distribution, oiling descriptors for thickness and type, sediment types, shoreline types, and cleanup methods to aid in the shoreline cleanup and assessment (SCAT) process.
View an online version [PDF, 2.9 MB]
Observers' Guide to Sea Ice  (laminated flipbook)
A flip booklet designed for volunteers who report aerial, shipboard, or shoreline observations of ice conditions at sea to authorities such as the National Weather Service, National Ice Center, U.S. Coast Guard, pilots associations, port authorities, or other maritime interests.
View an online version [PDF, 2.7 MB]
Free in small quantities
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Orders to destinations outside the continental United States will incur higher shipping charges and will be charged at the actual rate. Orders to destinations in the continental U.S. weighing more than 3 pounds also will be charged at the actual rate. All other orders will be charged at $5.00.

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