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Oil Spills Explained in New NOS Education Resource

AUGUST 24, 2020 — Sometimes when you spend your career researching oil spill science, breaking it down into simplest terms can be a little tricky. A new oil spill education page on the National Ocean Service website aims to help scientists communicate their work, and help students learn about oil spills and marine pollution.

The resource, What is oil, how do spills happen, and how does NOAA help? asks questions including “Where do oil spills happen?”, “How do oil spills kill or harm marine life?” and “Who cleans up an oil spill-and how?” and provides common language answers aimed at school-aged children and the general public. It also links out to valuable OR&R resources and blogs on topics like Arctic cod’s sensitivity to oil exposure, or the Marine Pollution Surveillance program, which will be updated to showcase fresh and timely content. 

Please feel free to share this new resource not only with your colleagues, but also friends and family members who may like to learn more about OR&R’s work!

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Last updated Sunday, August 30, 2020 10:27am PDT