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OR&R Addresses 2021 Spill Control Association of America (SCAA) Annual Meeting

May 3, 2021 ─ OR&R Director Scott Lundgren addressed the Spill Control Association of America (SCAA) Annual Meeting on April 28, 2021 as part of a virtual government panel. 

Slide, with infographic of five critical questions facing responders at a spill.
Scott Lundgren giving a presentation at SCAA. Image credit: NOAA.

SCAA serves as the voice of the spill response community, representing spill response contractors, manufacturers, distributors, consultants, instructors, training institutions, and corporations working in the industry.

Included were highlights on a number of OR&R topics for the SCAA membership:

  • OR&R roles and capabilities related to oil and chemical spills 
  • Changes in leadership and field staff 
  • Emergency response numbers and pandemic adaptations
  • Disaster preparedness and training
  • Areas of research and key supporting partners
  • Marine Debris program emergency preparedness, removal grants, and ADV topics.

Scott also relayed the appreciation for the work of SCAA members Marine Spill Response Corporation, Wildlife Response Services LLC, and fellow Coast Guard panel member for the support of their organizations in the rescue and release of sea turtles, an important public natural resource for which NOAA is trustee.

A cold stunning event experienced by sea turtles during the severe low temperatures in Texas in February led to a massive rescue effort with many contributors.  MSRC’s homepage highlights their generous provision of the spill response vessel Southern Responder to return over 2,200 rehabilitated Green Sea Turtles to warmer waters in the Gulf of Mexico.

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