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OR&R Attends Spills Advisory Group at American Petroleum Institute

APRIL 24, 2022 – OR&R Director Scott Lundgren was joined by OR&R science and emergency representatives Lisa DiPinto, Aaron Parker, and LT Steven Wall for the biennial Spills Advisory Group hosted by the American Petroleum Institute. This meeting brings together representatives of state and federal government, nongovernment organizations, academia, petroleum industry, and cleanup organizations for information sharing on spill preparedness and response. 

The semi-annual Spills Advisory Group information exchange allows participants to share information on each other's activities to enhance environmental protection and response. 

OR&R briefed on emergency response activities and projects, including response measures and key recent responses particularly incidents in California and Peru, preparedness activities including work on next generation Environmental Sensitivity Index and geospatial development work, and the release of the ADIOS oil database. We also relayed information on restoration settlements as well as research and methods development projects, including reports on oil in ice remote sensing studies, as well as research involving sophisticated imagery of dolphin breathing, leading to new understanding of how this could impact oil exposure during a spill.

The joint OR&R-UNH Coastal Response Research Center also provided updates.

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