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OR&R Director Speaks at 13th Natural Resources Symposium

SEPT. 26, 2022 — On Sept. 15 and 16, the 13th Natural Resources Symposium "Natural Resources at a Crossroads" reconvened at George Washington University. 

A humpback whale.

This year’s symposium focused on private and public sector collaboration and management of natural resources and in the context of the Inflation Reduction Act, climate change, judicial decisions, and other influences.

There was also discussion about ongoing and prospective industry and government trustee collaboration in the natural resource damage assessment arena. Featured speakers included Roger Martella (GE), Juliet Eilperin (Washington Post), and Scott Lundgren (Office of Response and Restoration) on behalf of NOAA. 

This symposium was led by the Ad-Hoc Industry Natural Resource Management Group in cooperation with the Environmental Law Institute, George Washington University Law School, and George Washington University Environmental and Energy Management Institute. The symposium is a forum that involves multi-stakeholder review of natural resource related policies and practices both within and outside the United States. 

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