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OR&R Hosts ESI Workshop with ERMA Developers to Address Technical Questions

MARCH 21, 2022 –  Over the course of two afternoons on March 15 & 16, OR&R hosted a summit with NOAA developers of Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) maps and data. 

Map from ESI developer summit. Credit: NOAA.

This gathering was an important follow-up to the Next Generation ESI Workshop that was held in late 2020, and helped advance the program’s vision for the future of ESIs. With countless technological advancements changing the world of geospatial resource mapping since the first ESIs were created in the 1980’s, it is an important moment to consider how the products will keep up with modern needs and uses. 

The summit included extensive discussions about what a true “enterprise solution” for ESI data would look like, and what benefits it could bring. Participants also evaluated several other proposed updates to ESIs and how they are accessed through ERMA® (Environmental Response Management Application), sharing what is most important to them.  

OR&R used the session to address technical questions and set priorities for ongoing internal deliberations and funding allocations that will help shape the program’s future. This work will continue in the coming months. 

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