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OR&R Lecture Series: RDML Gallaudet, Crisis Leadership

SEPTEMBER 21, 2020 — Did you know that NOAA is chock-full of exceptional leaders? On September 10, as part of the “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know” lecture series, we were honored to have the Deputy NOAA Administrator and retired U.S. Navy Rear Admiral, Dr. Timothy Gallaudet as our speaker.

He shared many nuggets of wisdom with us and presented key qualities of leadership in crises. He did so by giving examples of individuals from NOAA, of which many were from our own office, OR&R. 

Ergo, what are the qualities of great leaders? Leaders run towards the gunfire and “sign up for hard jobs” (example: Chauncey Kelly), show appreciation (example: Jennifer Steger), lead by example (example: Lisa DiPinto), have a “can do” attitude (example: Rachel Pryor), are honest (example: Frank Csulak), come through in clutch moments (example: Steve Lehmann), say what needs to be said (example: Gary Shigenaka), seize opportunity (example: Nancy Wallace), learn from the past (example: Katie Krushinski and Charles Grisafi), and go the distance (example: Charlie Henry). 

We were reminded that we are surrounded in NOAA by just these sorts of people. I was particularly inspired by learning that one of our co-workers, Lisa DiPinto, earned the Department of Commerce Gold Medal for Heroism by rescuing six people from a burning and overturned tractor trailer crash. 

While I’m sure RDML Gallaudet could have given examples of how he personally filled these qualities, he chose instead to uplift our team, and by doing so, showed both humility and authenticity that was not lost on our audience. His message also managed to be both personal in nature and global in reach. What an inspirational leader we have in RDML Gallaudet. 

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