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OR&R Lecture Series: Steve Buschang on the Texas Automated Buoy System and Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, and Modeling

JUNE 29, 2020 — Responding to and preparing for major oil spills requires the connection and coordination of many systems. The Texas General Land Office's Director of Research and Development explained how these systems have been connected and used in their coastal waters on the June 25 episode of OR&R’s YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW.

Two photos showing automated buoy systems.
Image Credit: Texas General Land Office.

Steve Buschang talked about linking the Texas Automated Buoy System to geographic information systems, remote sensing and modeling (much of which was developed by NOAA's Emergency Response Division) to better inform planners and responders before and during a variety of major events.

Next week, OR&R’s YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW will take a hiatus for the Independence Day holiday, but will return on July 9 with Dr. Paul Penetta, chief scientist for the largest oil spill testing tank in the world, OHMSETT (National Oil Spill Response Research and Renewable Energy Test Facility). He will be talking about high resolution slick thickness measurements using ROVs.

And, mark your calendars for our special two hour program on July 16, when we will have a panel of experts talk about the blight of corals, their threats from oil, and other insults and their restoration:

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Lecture series poster.
Image credit: NOAA.
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