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OR&R Meets with Four Industry Partners in October
Large group pf people gathered around a table.
American Salvage Association October Partnership Meeting Attendees. Image credit: American Salvage Association.

NOVEMBER 9, 2018 — In October 2018, OR&R’s director, chiefs of OR&R’s Emergency Response and Marine Debris Divisions, and staff participated in a series of industry partnership information-sharing meetings.

OR&R participates in these regular annual or semi-annual meetings with industry associations to exchange information on relevant response and preparedness issues. 

The October meetings were held with the American Salvage Association, the Spill Control Association of America, the Association of Petroleum Industry Cooperative Managers, and the Spills Advisory Group of API (the industry association for the natural gas and oil industry). Each meeting had representatives from relevant federal agencies, and in the case of the Spills Advisory Group, other states, nonprofits, academic institutions, and national academies also participated.

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