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OR&R Participates at the 2018 Mid-Atlantic Sea Grant Regional Workshop

 APRIL 27, 2018 — While drilling for oil does not currently occur in the Mid-Atlantic, the region is not immune to oil spills.

With several major ports, refineries, and more than 1.4 billion barrels of crude oil and petroleum products moving through the east coast annually by pipeline, tanker, barge, and rail the potential for incidents, both big and small, is there.

On March 27-29, Sea Grant held their Mid-Atlantic Regional Workshop in Corolla, North Carolina. As part of the program, Emily Maung-Douglass, who is with the Louisiana Sea Grant College Program, invited Frank Csulak, one of NOAA’s Scientific Support Coordinators, to educate the Sea Grant members about NOAA’s role in spill response; identifying the basic risks associated with oil spills; explaining how an emergency response organization is structured; describing who are the key players and their respective roles; a review of basic emergency response techniques. Following the presentation, Mr. Csulak facilitated a discussion focusing on partnerships and identifying ways that Sea Grant can possibly fill during a response, such as increasing community resiliency.

Approximately 30 Sea Grant members from the States of North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware and a number of other organizations such as Old Dominion University, William & Mary Law School, and Rutgers attended the three-day workshop.

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