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OR&R Participates in NOAA Day at the Aquarium of the Pacific
Student being timed while putting on a cold water survival suit. Image credit: NOAA/NMFS.

DEC. 1, 2017 — On November 18, the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California, hosted a NOAA day where people from all ages came out to find out more about what NOAA does as a federal agency.

Many NOAA line offices were represented and attendees included aquarium patrons, local schools, and colleges as well as professionals in the marine and environmental fields. The outreach opportunity was a great one that everyone enjoyed, especially the kids who collected their marine debris activity books, turtle tattoos, and 2018 Calendars. We had a few brave college students at the Office of Response and Restoration booth who were timed as they attempted to quickly put on a cold water survival suit in under 60 seconds. The best time of the day came from a student from California State University at Channel Islands (CSUCI) with a blistering time of 25 seconds, fully zipped!

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