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OR&R Provides Spill Response Training for USCG Sector Sault Ste. Marie

JULY 15, 2019 — On July 8 - 9, OR&R’s LT Michael Doig and LT Joshua Valdivia, of the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) provided spill response training for USCG Sector Sault Ste. Marie. This was the last of 5 classes conducted around USCG District 9. 

Man lecturing students who are seated on a couch.
OR&R's Michael Doig talking with students at the recent training.Image credit: NOAA.

The two-day training included:

  • An overview of the Incident Management Software System (IMSS); 
  • An introduction to Scientific Support at Spills;
  • Aerial Observation of Oil; 
  • An overview of Environmental Response Management Application (ERMA); and 
  • A refresher on geographic response strategies (GRS) and environmental sensitivity index (ESI) maps.

The first day of training addressed topics that are covered in NOAA’s job aids and guidebooks for spill response such as the FOSC’s Guide to NOAA Scientific Support, Open Water Oil Identification Job Aid for Aerial Observation, Characteristics of Response Strategies: A Guide for Spill Response Planning in Marine Environments, Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) maps, and the ERMA Basic User’s Guide. These topics were used on day two as the foundation for using ERMA, ESIs, and the Coast Pilot to develop and improve GRSs. A refresher on geographic response strategies (GRS) and environmental sensitivity index (ESI) maps, GRSs provide direction to responders regarding how to protect natural, cultural or significant economic resources at risk of injury.

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