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OR&R Scientist Meets with Brooklyn Kindergarteners
An illustration of a fish.
As part of the visit, the students created art on marine life. Image credit: NOAA.
An illustration of a fish.
Another marine life image created by a student. Image credit: NOAA.

JUNE 22, 2018 — At P.S. 146 in Brooklyn, all kindergarteners spend two days a month, regardless of the weather, at the shore!

They also bring marine scientists into their classrooms to get answers to questions they haven't been able to find through their readings and hands-on exploration. For the second year in a row, OR&R scientist Reyhan Mehran led a visit to the school to share NOAA expertise with these young scientists. Where do rays get electricity? How do squids make ink? How do sperm whales get so big? After four meetings, and more questions than answers, these four and five year-old marine researchers are well on their way to becoming fish experts themselves. 

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