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OR&R Scientists Receive NOAA Administrator's Award
Man and woman pose for photo.
Jay Field and Lisa Rosman, award recipients.

NOVEMBER 17, 2017 — OR&R Scientists Jay Field and Lisa Rosman received the NOAA Administrator's Award during a ceremony on November 14 in Silver Spring. 

Jay and Lisa spearheaded the development of a cost-effective modeling analysis that illustrated that after limited sediment dredging to remove PCBs from the Hudson River, fish will remain contaminated and unfit for human consumption for decades longer than originally predicted. This analysis was needed to inform how long impacts to the Hudson River fisheries would last. Application of emulation modeling to determine the fate and transport of complex pollutants in a large riverine system is novel and opens the door to apply this approach at other complex Superfund sites that NOAA is working on to protect and restore injured trust resources. For this reason, the work significantly advances NOAA’s Strategic Goals of Resilient Coastal Communities and Economies.   

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