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OR&R Speaker Series: Dr. Kevin Kloesel, Director of the Oklahoma Climate Survey

AUGUST 10, 2020 — You are on the 16th fairway and having a great round, but the horizon is getting a bit dark.  Fortunately, you have a weather app on your fancy smart phone.  The red and yellow bands are still a ways in the distance and the thunder is only a low rumble.  Someone else’s problem. 

Weather graph.
Image credit: Dr. Kevin Kloesel.

As an engineer, you are used to working with technical data and this is no different.  You plan to finish the 18 holes.  Dr. Kevin Kloesel, Director of the Oklahoma Climate Survey and University Meteorologist for the Department of Campus Safety at the University of Oklahoma, would disagree and would say you are in danger.  Dr. Kloesel was the guest speaker for the OR&R weekly series, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW and explained the importance of having trained meteorologists interpret technical data in order to keep individuals, workers and the general public safe in potentially dangerous weather conditions.  He offered case studies and messaging suggestions, some different from the standard NWS outreach.  We all have smart phones and weather apps today, but few of us understand what we are seeing.  Trained analysis for decision-makers saves lives. 

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