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OR&R Staff Participate in OR&R Staff Participate in Canadian Arctic and Marine Oil Spill Program (AMOP)
Boats in a harbor with buildings in background.
Victoria Harbour. Image credit: Greater Victoria Harbor Authority.

OCTOBER 12, 2018 — The 41st AMOP Technical Seminar on Environmental Contamination and Response was held in Victoria, B.C. on October 2 to 4.

The Seminar series is the leading Canadian conference for scientists and professionals working in the field of oil and hazardous materials spills. The Seminar is organized and sponsored by the Emergencies Science and Technology Section (ESTS), Science and Technology Branch of Environment and Climate Change Canada. One of the main goals of the conference is to facilitate transfer of scientific research to the operational community. OR&R Emergency Response Division staff joined with scientific and technical experts across North America to hear about recent research and development, case histories, and response policy issues including a focus on the fate and behavior of diluted bitumen and heavy oil.

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