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OR&R Supporting FEMA Recovery Efforts in Puerto Rico

OCTOBER 5, 2018 — Rosa González, Environmental Compliance Coordinator for the Office of Response and Restoration, is in Puerto Rico to serve as the Coastal Resources Coordinator for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)’s Natural and Cultural Resources Sector Recovery Support Function team supporting Puerto Rico recovery efforts following Hurricane María in 2017.

The Recovery Support Function’s purpose is to support local governments by facilitating problem solving, improving access to resources by fostering coordination among state and federal agencies, nongovernmental partners, and stakeholders.

Rosa will be in Puerto Rico until November 30 and will be working with Commonwealth representatives, FEMA, and community experts on transitioning the Puerto Rico Recovery Strategy into an implementation plan focused on coastal habitats, including:

  • corals,
  • dunes,
  • seagrasses,
  • San Juan Marine Protected Areas, and
  • wetlands, including mangrove habitats.

For further information, contact Rosa.Gonzá

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