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Marine Debris at the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute

NOVEMBER 18, 2016--Together with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and with support from the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, the Marine Debris Program (MDP) co-chaired a session at this year's meeting of the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute (GCFI), held November 7 -11.

This was the first ever session at GCFI devoted entirely to the topic of marine debris. The session included presenters representing academia, students, NGOs, industry, and federal and state agencies, and featured four MDP-funded projects (focused on research, prevention, and citizen science).

As part of the GCFI, the MDP’s Chief Scientist, Amy V. Uhrin, also participated in a workshop held November 9th. The goal of the workshop was to identify research gaps related to pollution in the wider Caribbean at the intersection of science and policy and to prioritize research needs. The workshop was sponsored by GCFI in conjunction with the Caribbean Large Marine Ecosystem project (CLME+).

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Groups of people at round tables.
As part of the workshop, roundtable discussions occurred related to the themes of governance, pollution, communication, and monitoring as a means of prioritizing research needs. (NOAA)