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Articles from October 30, 2015

Posted: October 30, 2015
Firetruck parked outside of a building.

OCTOBER 30, 2015--Members of the CAMEO software suite development team (from both NOAA and EPA) recently attended two back-to-back conferences in Texas to continue gathering stakeholder feedback on potential areas of improvement to the CAMEO suite programs as a result of Presidential Executive Order (EO) 13650 to improve chemical facility safety and security.

Posted: October 30, 2015
Two people recording notes, outdoors in the dark.

OCTOBER 30, 2015--On the night of October 26, 2015, two OR&R Emergency Response Division scientists assisted citizen scientists in deploying mussel watch cages at two sites in Edmonds, Washington.

Posted: October 30, 2015
Diver underwater with huge tangle of nets.

OCTOBER 30, 2015--2015 was a busy year for the NOAA Marine Debris Program. We continued our important work funding removal projects around the country as well as our efforts to remove debris connected to the tsunami in Japan and Hurricane Sandy.

Posted: October 30, 2015
Group of students listen to instructor on a beach.

OCTOBER 30, 2015--Since 2005, OR&R’s Emergency Response Division (ERD) has teamed up with California’s Office of Spill Prevention & Response (OSPR) to provide oil spill training known as Environmental Response to Oil Spills (EROS) class.

Posted: October 30, 2015
Two officers on the deck of a ship

OCTOBER 30, 2015--On October 20, 2015, NOAA Corps officer LTJG Rachel Pryor and USCG officer LTJG Trevor Siperek met aboard the NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown to discuss designing a NOAA Ship “Most Probable” discharge drill scenario.

Posted: October 30, 2015
People in two small boats on the water.

OCTOBER 30, 2015--The 1937 sinking of a small barge in Lake Erie went largely unnoticed at the time, but the ill-fated tank barge Argo is in the news now that the wreck’s exact location—along with a leak—has been discovered.

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