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Planning for Offshore Response in the Gulf of Mexico

JULY 20, 2020 — The Gulf of Mexico (GOM) is the United States' largest offshore oil and gas production area. 

Planning and preparedness for a potential discharge from one of these offshore wells is an important function of the local Area Committees and the Regional Response Teams. Coast Guard District 8 and the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE, a bureau of the Department of Interior) are engaged in a project to evaluate and plan for the Worst Case Discharge (WCD) from existing facilities. Over the past two weeks, NOAA Scientific Support Coordinator (SSC), Brandi Todd, NOAA SSC Paige Doelling, and NOAA RRO LT  Lola Ajilore provided technical support to the Coast Guard units in Louisiana and Texas as they selected scenarios to include in the planning process. Selection of scenarios is a consensus decision between the Federal and State agencies who participate in the local Area Committees. Meetings for Sector Mobile and the States of Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida are planned for next month, SSC Adam Davis will provide technical support.

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