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RADM Gallaudet Visits Qwuloolt Restoration Site in Washington State
People in a small boat in the water with marsh in background.
The DARRP group touring the flooded marsh. Image credit: NOAA
Group standing and talking next to body of water.
RADM Gallaudet talking with DARRP staff. Image credit: NOAA

FEBRUARY 2, 2018 — NOAA’s DARRP program hosted NOAA acting administrator RADM Gallaudet on a field visit to the Qwuloolt Estuary restoration site in Marysville, Washington. 

This 350-acre project re-connected former marsh that was diked and drained in the early 20th century.  The restored marsh benefits salmon and wildlife and provides community access via trails.  A Natural Resource Damage claim based on chemical contamination from the Tulalip landfill spearheaded the project, with other funding sources later leveraged to complete the $20 million construction.  Partners included NOAA, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, State of Washington, Tulalip Tribe and local communities. 

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