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Request for Proposals: Disaster Preparedness Program Second Annual Lagniappe Awards

OCTOBER 26, 2020 — The Disaster Preparedness Program (DPP) is pleased to announce the second annual Lagniappe Awards request for proposals. The DPP has budgeted FY21 funds to continue to support preparedness across the National Ocean Service (NOS). 

Funding will be available for specific activities and projects that enhance NOS preparedness and mission readiness for natural and human-caused disasters.  Funding for these activities is limited and contingent upon receipt of FY21 appropriated funds. The maximum award considered for an individual proposal is $75,000.

How to Apply

The DPP is requesting a short proposal (limited to two-three pages), including the projected cost.  Below is an outline that can be used when submitting a proposal. The outline form is a suggested format only – you have the latitude to submit the request differently as long as all of these items are addressed.  The cut-off date to submit a FY21 proposal is COB Friday, November 20, 2020.

Project Submission Outline

  1.  Project Name
  2. Program Office (please include division or branch)
  3. Point of Contact to include NOAA email address (more than one name may be provided as Points of Contact)
  4.  Description of the proposed activity or project.  
  5. If applicable, please provide the location where the funds will be applied.
  6. Provide a clear connection to preparedness or continuity of operations (COOP) improvement to include how the activity or project would benefit NOS preparedness, readiness, safety, or COOP.  Enhancing response is considered a preparedness enhancement.
  7.  Cost of activity or project in U.S. dollars.  Also provide an estimation of when the funds will either be spent or obligated.  Note, these are FY21 Funds and must be spent in FY21.

Selection Criteria

The following criteria will be used by the DPP Management Team in ranking each proposal:

  • Benefit to NOS preparedness, readiness, response, and COOP enhancement.  Note, safety items that provide enhanced staff safety during a disaster are applicable.  Putting NOS in an enhanced response posture is a preparedness activity.
  • Uniqueness and innovation.
  • Cost to benefit
  • Timeliness – can the activity or project be completed in FY21

How to Submit

Send proposals as a word document by email to

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