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Team Releases New CAMEO Data Manager Tool

DECEMBER 21, 2020 — In mid-December, the Office of Response and Restoration (OR&R) CAMEO® team released CAMEO Data Manager, a desktop program for managing data about chemicals stored or transported in communities, especially data required under the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA). 

A screenshot of the updated program.
A screenshot of the beta version of the new CAMEO Data Manager program. Image credit: NOAA.

CAMEO Data Manager replaces CAMEOfm, a software tool designed and maintained in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency since the early 2000s. For decades, emergency responders and planners have used CAMEOfm and the other programs in the CAMEO software suite to understand and manage hazardous chemical information. OR&R emergency response team members, as well as state and local agencies across the nation, use CAMEO suite tools to help mitigate the risks from hazardous pollutants when chemical spills happen, as well as with pre-planning efforts to keep our communities safer. 

The totally redesigned CAMEO Data Manager tool—incorporating modern technologies and a user-friendly interface—offers many new features, such as the ability to compare yearly hazmat reports to see differences in what’s stored at chemical facilities from year to year; a responder-friendly layout that provides quick and easy access to the most important information in chemical spill response; a streamlined search feature; and powerful export abilities for robust data analysis. 

The CAMEO team, part of OR&R’s Emergency Response Division, has been working on the redesign for over a year, and they make stakeholder feedback a priority in all their development efforts. This process was no exception, with members of the emergency response and planning community across the nation actively participating in the redesign, requesting features, and testing the early-stage versions of the tool.

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