OR&R Scientific Support Coordinator assessing the shoreline for damage after an oil spill. (NOAA)

Training and Education

NOAA's Office of Response and Restoration offers educational resources for teachers and students, as well as various classes and references for spill response professionals in local, state, and federal governments and industry. Our goal is to transfer scientific expertise and experience to the broadest possible audience. Successful training promotes more efficient planning and spill response, while education fosters scientific understanding and helps everyone prevent and prepare for marine pollution.

Each year, we provide extensive training to more than 2,000 individuals in industry and government on the scientific aspects of oil and chemical spill response. These classes, workshops, and resources help spill responders increase their understanding of oil spill science when analyzing spills and making risk-based decisions.

Explore an ocean's-worth of information related to our efforts to protect and restore the nation's waters from pollution. You'll find experiments and activities for elementary school students and life-long learners alike. We hope the information here helps inspire you and others to further investigate and preserve our incredible marine resources. Go ahead and dive in!