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Upcoming Presentations by Marine Debris Program Research Grant Awardees

SEPTEMBER 21, 2020 — On September 24, from 12:00 pm-1:00 pm EST, Beth Polidoro, an FY17 Marine Debris Program Research Grant awardee, will present her research during a OneNOAA Science Seminar.

This is the first of four presentations by FY17 Marine Debris Program Research Grant awardees, as part of the NOAA Marine Debris Research Webinar Series: Addressing the Ecological Risks of Microplastic. The presentation by Beth Polidoro, Arizona State University, is titled “A screening-level ecological risk assessment for microplastics in seafood in American Samoa.” 

The other three presentations in the series will soon be added to the schedule on the following dates:

  • Tue Oct 6: Scott Gallager, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, "Assessment of Plastic Marine Debris Export Mechanisms and Risk to Sea Scallop Fisheries of the Mid-Atlantic Bight"  
  • Tue Oct 20: Dr. Evan Ward, University of Connecticut, "Selective ingestion of microplastics by oysters: exposure assessment as a predictive tool for assessing the environmental risk to commercially important bivalves"
  • Thu Oct 22: Drs. Susanne Brander, Oregon State University and Alison Taylor, University of North Carolina Wilmington, "Microplastic ingestion by the black sea bass, Centropristis striata: An assessment of potential impacts on health of an Atlantic commercial fish species"

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