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Updates Available for Tier2 Submit™ and CAMEOfm

DECEMBER 23, 2019 — On December 11, the CAMEO® software team released updates of two products: Tier2 Submit™ and CAMEOfm

Tier2 Submit is a desktop program that companies and other entities can use to comply with EPA regulations about chemical reporting. This year, the software was entirely redesigned with updated code for a smoother user experience. The OR&R development team spent the past year speaking with users from across the U.S. to determine what new features should be added and how to make the program more intuitive and user-friendly. Feedback from users has been very positive so far. 

CAMEOfm is a database for emergency planners and responders to store data generated in Tier2 Submit, as well as other important response information such as resources, routes, incident models, and more. CAMEO has been in use since 1988, when NOAA and the EPA partnered to build this software to empower chemical emergency responders. 

Both programs are part of the CAMEO® software suite, a set of tools to help responders prepare for and respond to hazardous chemical releases. The suite has over 1.2 million yearly visitors to the online tools and nearly 200,000 yearly downloads of the desktop programs, and is a vital component of many emergency responder toolkits.

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