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The Washington Marine Debris Action Plan Launches!
Group of people  posing for a photo.
The Washington Marine Debris Action Plan workshop participants. Image credit: NOAA

DECEMBER 15, 2017 — On December 5 and 6, over fifty representative from federal and state agencies, tribes, NGO, academia and industry met at a workshop in Ocean Shores, WA, to begin creating the Washington Marine Debris Action Plan.

Informed by current marine debris actions and priorities, participants drafted goals, identified strategies, and suggested specific future actions to reduce marine debris in Washington State. The first draft of the Washington State Marine Debris Action Plan document will go out for review soon, and a second workshop will bring the partners together again in Spring 2018 to complete the plan. The workshop benefited greatly from the hard work of planning and support teams that planned and helped run the workshop and all the workshop participants, who contributed their time, energy, and creative ideas to make reduction of marine debris in Washington State more collaborative and effective.

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