NUCOS: Unit Converter for Spill Responders

The NOAA Unit Converter for Oil Spills (NUCOS) is a simple desktop tool that converts basic units of velocity, mass, length, etc., but more specifically, converts units that are unique to oil spill response. NUCOS includes some of the lesser known units used in managing oil and chemical spills. For example, it converts the units for oil volume, viscosity, and density from the conversion list of the Dispersant Mission Planner 2, a tool that helps spill responders assess dispersant application system performance.

NUCOS is compatible with Windows XP and Vista and Mac OS-X versions 10.4 and greater, Intel and PPC. Installation of NUCOS includes a short Help file.

NUCOS was developed by the Office of Response and Restoration (OR&R), National Ocean Service, NOAA. The current version, NUCOS 1.3, was posted on October 2, 2009.

Downloading NUCOS

To download NUCOS, click on the appropriate download link:

Installing NUCOS

On a Windows PC: Double-click the "NUCOS_Win.exe" file icon, then follow the directions you'll see on your screen.

On a Mac: Double-click the disk image file, "NUCOS_Mac.dmg," to open it. You should now see the NUCOS file icon. (You can move the NUCOS file icon to wherever you would like NUCOS to reside. We suggest the "Applications" folder.)

Running NUCOS

In Windows: To start NUCOS, from the Start menu, under Programs, choose "NUCOS."

On a Mac: To start NUCOS, double-click the NUCOS file icon.


Questions: Contact us with your questions, comments, or suggestions for NUCOS.