CAMEO Chemicals
CAMEO Chemicals homepage.
CAMEO Chemicals homepage.

CAMEO Chemicals is a database of hazardous chemicals that emergency responders and planners can use to get response recommendations and predict hazards, such as explosions or chemical fires. It is part of the CAMEO software suite and is available in both online and desktop versions.

Access CAMEO Chemicals

CAMEO Chemicals is developed by NOAA in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Coast Guard. The online version is maintained by NOAA's Office of Response and Restoration.

Online Version:

  • Use the online version of CAMEO Chemicals, available at, to get quick, convenient access to all of the response datasheets and the reactivity prediction tool. All of the same functionality is also included in a standalone version that you can download and run from your own computer (so that you don't have to rely on an Internet connection to get your response information).
  • There is also a version of the CAMEO Chemicals website for mobile devices, available at It contains all of the same data as the full site. Most of the functionality is also the same between the full and mobile sites—although some features (such as printing and exporting) are only available on the full site. Note that this is a mobile site (and not an app), so an Internet connection is required to view the site.

Desktop Version:

How CAMEO Chemicals Works

CAMEO Chemicals features an extensive chemical database. You can search through thousands of datasheets, using a name, identification number, or other search criteria to find a particular chemical of interest.

Datasheets for each chemical provide critical response information, including physical properties, health hazards, information about air and water hazards, and recommendations for firefighting, first aid, and spill response. Additional datasheets based on UN/NA identification numbers provide response information from the Emergency Response Guidebook and shipping information from the Hazmat Table (49 CFR 172.101).

Additionally, you can make a collection of chemicals and then use the chemical reactivity tool to predict what hazards could arise if the chemicals were to mix together.

More Information about CAMEO Chemicals

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