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$2.1 Million Proposed for Restoration at the Bayport Channel Oil Spill Site in Texas

JULY 26, 2021 ─ On July 19, the Department of Justice announced filing for public comment of a consent decree proposing a $2.1 million settlement value to restore for natural resource damages for the Bayport Channel oil spill in Texas.

Aerial view of skimmer boats and skimming equipment.
Aerial view of skimmer boats and skimming equipment removing the last of the product around the collision site on the Houston Ship Channel on May 14, 2019 near Bayport. Image credit: USCG.

On May 10, 2019, an estimated 599,676 gallons of oil in the form of a gasoline blending stock known as reformate was discharged from tank barge 30015T during a collision with the tanker ship Genesis River. Oil discharged from the barge into the waterway and polluted parts of the Houston Ship Channel, Galveston Bay, and the Texas Coastline.

Following the spill, NOAA and co-trustees worked with the responsible party to cooperatively assess natural resource damages arising from the spill. The proposed settlement will go toward resolving natural resource damage claims and restoring habitats impacted by the spill.

The proposed Consent Decree is available for public comment through August 19, 2021 and can be submitted on the U.S Department of Justice website.

View the NOAA Damage Assessment, Remediation, and Restoration Program web story for more information.

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