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September 2018

Cover of a report showing individuals carrying bags of marine debris.
Man explaining something to a woman at a computer.
Woman standing in the middle of seated individuals, speaks directly to one.
A satellite image of a hurricane.
Various marine debris items.
Students seated in a classroom, looking at a screen.
Children speaking with NOAA presenters at a table.
Screen shot of an ERMA map.
A group of people putting a sign on a large bin.
A group of people standing along a shoreline habitat.
A group of people standing on a shoreline looking at a dam.

August 2018

A group of people posing for a photo.
A group of people in a conference area watching a presentation.
A woman holding a metal strain.
Group of people on a boat deck on a river.
A satellite image of a hurricane.
Two men and a woman talking together near a table.
Large group of people posing for a photo outdoors.
Woman installing a "bin" on a pier.
Aerial view of vessel on water in oil slick.
Seated man speaking with two others standing in a crowded room.
People seated, looking at a presenter standing next to a screen.
Large ship in a canal.
Group of five people pose next to small vehicle with debris in the back.
Large rock with organisms growing on it next to a body of water.
Beach with trash and seaweed.
Instructor talking to several individuals in blue uniforms on a beach.
Man in a tan shirt posing for photo.
A broken up vessel on a beach.
Beach with large body of water in background.
Group standing on a beach, listening to a speaker.
Two women, an Emmy Award symbol, and a trash can graphic.
A group of people posing for a photo.
A group of people sitting at a conference room table.

July 2018

People watching a presentation in a conference room
A boat navigating down a river with an industrial shoreline in the background.
Two women posing outdoors.
Three people posing in the water with a dolphin.
Aerial view of Gulf of Mexico with oil on the water's surface.
Image of a large screen on which a map is displayed.
Two people working under a tent on a beach.
A group of people standing around a lab in discussion.
Two people working on a boat deck.
A man in a hard hat and an orange vest with large equipment and a shoreline in the background.
Large group poses for picture in front of a table.
Group poses for photo.
Man throwing what looks like a small airplane into the air.
A display of four posters.
Man demonstrating an experiment to young students gathered around a table.
Woman posing on a beach.
River stream with vegetation.
Two firefighters spraying water onto a fire.
Woman standing against a wall.
Front of kayak with net on the water.
Group poses outdoors for photo.
River with a fence in foreground.
Two people in a kayak on the water.
A large ship sinking in the ocean.

June 2018

Small group watching a demonstration.
Two men taking to one another.
Mast of a vessel extending out of water with boom surrounding.
Group posing for photo.
Two men on a boat looking at the water.
Group of five posing for photo.
Two vessels on the water.
Blocks of material in storage against a wall.
A group of people in tall grass looking at a plot of ground.
Damaged vessels and other debris.
A stormy shoreline.
An infrared satellite image of a hurricane.
A man on a boat writing on a clipboard.
Man looking at a screen with seated looking at him.
Crowd all watching something outdoors.
An illustration of a fish.
Man shows a woman something on a table.
Man speaking from a podium.
Group of people standing outdoors; two in foreground conversing.
Woman standing next to a screen, presenting to an audience.
A scuba diver underwater.
Woman demonstrating to two children across a table.
People work on a test from the side of a pool.
Group of people pose for photo.
Large group of people pose outdoors for a photo.
Body of water with workers and boom on a beach.
Woman speaking in front of two large screens.
River with mountains in background.
Group of people working together.
Group of people posing for picture with mountains in background.
Man presenting from a podium.
A large group of people posing for a photo.
Man speaking against a backdrop of a display of trash.
Large group of people posing outdoors for a photo.
Man posing for photo on the deck of a ship.
A group of people posing for a photo.
An underwater photo of a reef.
A man and a woman at a podium.

May 2018

A woman with a snowy mountain scene behind her.
A view of a bridge over water.
A man lifting up a mat from the ground.
A rundown urban canal.
Two people pose for a photo with a plaque.
A group of people on a boat in water.
People seated looking at a person at a podium.
Two people in scuba diving gear posing for a photo.
A large ball of marine fishing nets being pulled up to a dock.
A fish in a rocky reef.
Three people posing in front of a poster.
Oil on a beach, at the edge of the surf.
A woman looking to the left.
Four people gathered around computer monitor.
Two women standing behind a display table.
Group in white Hazmat suits posing for photo.
Man presenting to a group in front of a large window.
Woman pointing to a large screen as she gives a presentation.
A pile of trash in front of a hanging, blue tarp.
Group of people posing for a photo.
Illustration of future site.
Island with trees in a body of water.
Bridge over a river.
White bird in a nest in a tree.
Sandy beach.
A beach with a treeline in the background.
Group of people digging in sand on a beach.
Woman holding up a large white plastic ring in a boat.
Two men in a crowded room look at a laptop monitor.

April 2018

Group of people posing outdoors with posters.
People in a conference room listening to a presentation.
An office building.
Group working at a table.
Hands holding three painted plates.
Students looking at a screen in a large classroom.
Man presenting to a group of people.
Headshot of a man at a desk.
A woman in a wetsuit and snorkeling gear in water.
Group of nine men and women pose outdoors for a photo.
Oil in water along an urban shoreline.
A man and a woman at a table with papers.
Pacific Science Center logo
People standing around a table with cases and equipment.
Overhead view of four people, a tent, and equipment on a dock.
Group of people in front of stark landscape with trash.
Group of people in blue uniforms listen to a speaker outdoors.
Six people wearing colored vests work at a table.

March 2018

Woman in front of waterfall with someone's hand resting on her shoulder.
Group of people on a dock looking out towards the water.
Map of North America in ERMA showing dots.
A man, a woman, and a dog posing on a beach for a photo.
A man speaking to two young girls in front of a poster.
Office building with grass in foreground.
Program cover for SONS 2018.
Four people gathering on a beach.
Three men and a woman pose for photo.
Group of people in hazmat gear.
Group of people in a room at tables and standing.
Man in front of a poster.
Two people holding printed materials and talking.
People gathered around a large sphere.
Two men in uniforms standing together.
Large body of water the is frozen near the shore.
Group of people posing for a picture.
Rail car floating in a river.
A logo for the SONS exercise.
Rail car floating in a river.
Group of people posing for a photo.
Infographic detailing a linear process.
Group of people pose for photo.
View of industrial area next to a river with bridge in background.
Four people posing on rocks on an ocean beach.
View of a river from its banks.

February 2018

A photo of a woman with the ocean in the background. .
A group of people at a conference table.
Beached vessel on its side.
Barge with crane operating on water.
Open yellow case with device inside.
Speaker at a podium with panelists to his left.
Students sitting at tables, looking at the front of the room.
City scape with river in foreground.
A green park area near a body of water.
A satellite image of a hurricane.
Class of students watch presentation.
View of a pier from the shore.
Man with column of fire in the background.
poster for the 2018 Western Regions SERC Conference.
A group of people talking near water.
Woman in a kayak.
People in a small boat in the water with marsh in background.
Body of water bordered by marsh and vegetation.
A slough along a river.

January 2018

A profile shot of a man with an industrial setting in the background.
Students seated in a classroom.
Spill of National Significance logo.
A small, overturned boat on a beach, covered with barnacles.
Logo for the conference - cartoon of a spill.
A man, child, and a woman pose for photo outdoors.
Removal of part of a sunken vessel and derelict nets from water.
Large sailing vessel on the water.
A woman and a man pose for photo.
Woman outdoors with sculpture and marine debris.
Marsh with vegetation and trash.
Two men looking at a piece of paper.
A woman poses for photo.

December 2017

A woman holding up trash.
Group of people  posing for a photo.
Scene of river with foliage.
Group of people posing for a group photo.
A landscape photo of a wooded area with a river going through it.
Man addresses a group of seated people.
A man in a military uniform in front of a U.S. flag.
People meeting around a table.
Debris along a canal lined with houses and trees.
Looking ahead from a vessel on a waterway.
Group posing outdoors for photo.

November 2017

A profile shot of a woman.
Drone in the air with clouds in background.
Diagram comparing two developing fish.
Four people posing for photo with an award in front of a flag.
Group posing on a beach.
Man in front of a projected image.
People sitting and standing, discussing.
Students look at a projection on a screen.
Man and woman pose for photo.
Man standing behind a table at an exhibit booth.
Man and woman posing in front of a building.
A view of a bridge.
Three men lean over a table working on an exercise.
A view of the back of a container ship with a bridge in the background.
Two people on a beach in white jumpsuits, one is reaching down to collect a sample.
Three people in and around a canoe with debris.
Screen capture of a table with a graph superimposed.
Two men working in a marsh.
Man speaking at a podium next to a monitor.
A wide shot view of the bay with a bridge in the background.
A group of people and press gather around a media vehicle.

October 2017

A large shipping vessel loaded with containers. A gash appears on the port side over the text "Hanjin."
Two men in an office, one is gesturing to a computer screen while the other is seated and watching.
A man and a dog on the beach.
A map with dots showing locations of environmental sampling.
A firetruck.
Damaged boat in the water, leaning partially against a dock.
A group of people look down the shoreline of a sandy beach lined with trees.
Venn diagram.
Two people looking along a beach with trees in hte background.
A helicopter flies over the barge. Smoke is seen billowing out from the flames on the bow.
Sign advertising the open house.
Illustration of dolphin anatomy.
A damaged oil platform.
Shipping container tipped over at the water's edge, car in water, partially sunken buildings.
Meeting publications.
Man speaking from a podium outdoors.
Report cover.
Publications on a table.
Screen shot of a map.
People gathered around a display.
An aerial view of land flooded by Hurricane Harvey.
Two people walk by a vessel, tipped on its side on land.
Woman speaking with several people, all looking to the left.
Man standing next to a man seated at a table.
Tiny pieces of plastic laying in sand.
A map of the Southeast with a hurricane image on it.
Six people pose for photo.
Five people gathered around two computer screens

September 2017

Tall bridge over a waterway.
Woman standing next to speaking man.
Waterway with a lot of debris in the water.
Sailboats askew by the edge of a marsh.
Aerial view of land water and variety of boats.
Aerial view of a beach front with dark clouds in the sky.
Three men in hard hats lifting large sign onto tower.

August 2017

Flooded urban area near the Gulf of Mexico.
Flooded urban area near the Gulf of Mexico.
An oiled beach with marsh grass.
Children and an adult touch something in water.
Urban riverfront.
A great egret at Jobos Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve in Puerto Rico. Image credit: National Estuarine Research Reserve System
Cleanup worker and oiled boulders on Refugio State Beach where the oil from the pipeline entered the beach. Image: NOAA.
New Jersey’s Millstone River with bridge and dam. Image: Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association.
Two boats in fog with man on beach. Image: NOAA.
Ocean with sheen. Image: U.S. Coast Guard.
Harbor seal. Image credit: Alaska SeaLife Center.
Woman reaching for beverage from case. National Aquarium.
Alaska coastline with mountains. Image: NOAA.
Man standing in front of wave fountain. Image: NOAA.

July 2017

Girl in classroom pouring liquid into fish tank. Image credit: NOAA.
People standing together with lake in background. Image credit: NOAA.
Newark Bay, New Jersey. Image: NOAA.
Animals entangled in nets. NOAA.
Seal on rock. Image: Marge Brigadier, NOAA Monterey Bay Aquarium.
USCG members participating in the COOP exercise.
Brown and clear glass bottles. Image credit: NOAA.
Close up of skimming device on side of a boat with oil and boom.

June 2017

St. Louis River bank with plants. Image credit: NOAA.
Two men picking up objects from beach. Image credit NPS.
Two people closely examining rocks and seaweed on a shoreline. Image credit: NOA
The St. Johns Bridge spans the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon. Image credi
Leatherback sea turtle swimming. Image credit: NOAA.
Ocean sunset. Image credit: NOAA
Grey whale breaching. Image credit: NOAA

May 2017

Seattle skyline on Lake Washington. Image credit: NOAA.
Aerial view of NOAA Seattle on Lake Washington.
Beach with people and buildings. Image credit: NOAA.
Two killer whales (orcas) breach in front a boat. Image credit: NOAA.
Marina with recreational boats. Image credit: NOAA.
Three people on rocky shore with black dog. Image credit: NOAA.
Fjord off the coast of Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway. Image credit: NOAA.
Close up of skimming device on side of a boat with oil and boom. Image Credit: U

April 2017

NOAA Ship Rainer on ocean. Image credit: NOAA.
Two Steller sea lions. Image credit: NOAA.
A bottlenose dolphin calf in the Gulf of Mexico. Image credit: NOAA
Litter on beach. Image credit: NOAA.
Small shore wave with spilled oil.
Image of JD Hoyle
Image of Stella Wilson
Wetland bordered by plants with blue sky above.
Man in chemical protective mask with fire in background.

March 2017

Shelves of samples in jars.
Tractor with trailers on beach.
Beach with oats and grass.
Ship with rainbow.
Man in orange uniform looking at wrecked barge on river.
Large white ship with green hills in background.
Brown reeds along creek bank.
Sea turtle being held with string in mouth.
Plant growing on cement wall.

February 2017

Red and white ship on ocean with ice.
Large ship on reef with small boat beside it.
Large ships with cargo containers.
Tiny spikey sea urchins in palm of a hand.
Man holding hose spraying water on rocks.
Sunset over Lake Erie.
Yellow gloved hands holding bird's head with suds.
Garbage floating on water as seen from underneath.
Grass at waterway with bridge at sunset.
Bird covered in oil on sandy beach.
Instructor talks with student on a beach, with ferry in background.

January 2017

Dolphins on the water's surface.
Fishing boats tilting on their sides on the water.
Small turtle on sand with turtle tracks.
Hawaii coastline with mountains.
A ship run aground on coral reef, surrounded by protective oil boom.
Broken coral on ocean floor.
Scuba diver underwater near rocks.
Bay shore with trees growing on old ships.
Beach at the water's edge.

December 2016

Black smoke coming from controlled fire on island.
Man on ship with machine about to drop into ocean.
Participants learn about coastal natural disasters during the pilot offering.
Black and white photo of ship with crashing waves.
Black and white photo of ship sinking in ocean.
Ship on ocean.
Flat red board and post floating on ocean with ship in background.
Large oil slick swirl on ocean with ship.
Tall grass growing in muddy marsh.
Colored map of grid and ocean.

November 2016

Ship sinking in the ocean.
Oil in marsh vegetation during the 2010 Deepwater Horizon/BP oil spill.
People standing in boats on river spraying water with hoses.
Ocean with black smoke from burning oil.
Ship broken in two in water.

October 2016

Boats on water.
Ocean waves hitting lighthouse.
Oil on water.
Oil floating on water creating a sheen with multiple colors.
flat, black tar glob on sand.
Aerial photo of coastline with houses.
Man holding pillow-shaped absorbent pad near boat bilge.
Houses, trees, and powerlines in a New Orleans neighborhood flooded by Hurricane
Frozen seascape with two individuals standing on ice.
Buildings on a bluff next to ocean.

September 2016

Flames and dark smoke billow from oil production platform fire next to a bayou.
People working in a marsh.
Group of four people standing in a marsh.
Barrels and workers on a beach.
Woman looking out over water with boom floating in it.
Shoreline Assessment at the Swift Tract Project Site
Caitlin Wessel poses in front of the ocean.
Clif Huff stands in front if the R/V Cape Hatteras.

August 2016

Oil sheen on water in a marsh.
Thick oil floating in oil.
Old image of ships in a row, listing.
Large vessel with smaller boat spraying water on it.
Derelict vessel with osprey nest on top of broken mast.
A small boat on the Delaware River with Philadelphia's skyline in the background

July 2016

A wave glider before being launched from the NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson.
Black & white photo of early oil derricks & piers at Summerland, California 1902
A NOAA spill responder with a clip board talking on a beach with a ferry behind.

June 2016

Young woman filling a one liter bottle with water along a marshy beach.
Marina in Seattle with small boats.
A Starbucks coffee cup on a sandy beach by a seabird and people picking up trash
Washed Ashore's Angela Haseltine Pozzi with a giant marlin statue of ocean trash
Front of a kayak pushing through floating wood in the Strait of Juan de Fuca.
Scientist recording data on a beach with trowels and flags marking sampling site
A Kemp's Ridley sea turtle covered in oil from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill i
Huge container ship MSC Oscar being guided by two small ships into port.
Kyle Parson and his girlfriend.
Participants learn about surface washing agents at the NRPT workshop in Texas.
Students participate in the oiled feather exercise during the SOS class.
Beginning banner of the Treasures of NOAA's Ark exhibit explaining our history.
Pie chart showing 2016 Atlantic hurricane likelihood of a near-normal season.
Image of the NOAA Hurricane Hunters plane.
Historical photo of the Coast Trader at port in San Francisco.

May 2016

A mechanical dredge pulls contaminated sediment from the bottom of the Passaic R
A view of the houses and highways along the New Jersey coast which were damaged
Vessels skim oil from the surface of the Gulf of Mexico.
Dark oil drifts near the populated shores of Berkeley and Emerville, California.
The Raritan River as it runs through a wooded area.
Aerial view of marsh with levees being built.

April 2016

Three students work at a table with cups of sand and oil.
Broken derelict trap on seafloor with vegetation.
Beach grasses with water in the background.
Salmon swimming in a river.
A boy holds up a scorpion fish on a boat.
A young boy hangs humpback whitefish on a drying rack next to a river.
People sitting in canoes and standing on a shoreline.

March 2016

A beach closed sign on a fence in front of an ocean beach at Coal Point.
Exxon Valdez ship with response vessels in Prince William Sound
Fire burns in one of several oil tanks on a platform in a bayou.
A North Atlantic right whale's mouth is visible at the ocean surface.
Response workers load oil containment boom onto a supply ship in Louisiana.
The massive container ship Benjamin Franklin pulls into the Port of Seattle.
Shoal grass seagrass on a sandy ocean floor.

February 2016

Participants complete the "Protect Your Egg" activity during the workshop.
Machines moves sand to rebuild a New Jersey beach by Sandy-damaged houses.
A view of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill from NASA's Terra Satellites.
Shrub-covered plains next to a river and bluffs beyond.
Two killer whales (orcas) breach in front a boat.
Damaged barge on the Mississippi River.
People standing in a lab next to chemical testing equipment.

January 2016

Humpback whale and seabirds at surface of Bering Sea with NOAA ship beyond.
Plastic microbeads visible in toothpaste on a toothbrush.
Person standing at a fenced-off beach closed to the public.
A young boy drops wooden yellow cards off the side of a boat into water.
Group of Coast Guard members sit and stand at a table.
Three newly hatched Olive Ridley sea turtles crawl across sand.

December 2015

2015 written on a sandy beach with an approaching wave.
Large waves crash on a huge cargo ship aground on a beach.
Large waves break on a pier that people are walking along.
Dead bird covered in oil next to spill containment boom on a beach.
Two people on a boat inspect a diver in a full dive suit.
Closeup of an oiled Canada goose in a wash tub while gloved hands wash it.

November 2015

Two people closely examining rocks and seaweed on a shoreline.
Students from the U.S. Coast Guard stand in a line around a conference room.
A Kemp's Ridley sea turtle, cleaned and tagged, in a tank.
A Coastal Cleanup team poses with collected debris.
Derelict boat partially submerged in a Gulf of Mexico marsh.
Science of Chemical Releases spelled out using periodic table of elements.
Jack Marshall holding his baby niece, Magnolia.
Two people closely examining rocks and seaweed on a shoreline.
Workers direct the lifting of a rusted boat from a waterway onto a barge.
Smoke rises from a sinking tanker in the Atlantic Ocean.
Derelict boat in a Gulf marsh.
A mother bottlenose dolphin pushes her dead newborn calf at the water's surface.
Oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.

October 2015

A tree growing on the deck of a decrepit, rusted boat.
Divers exit small boats into the waters of Lake Erie.
Sick sea fan with discolored branches and hydroids covering it.
Plastic water bottle floating in the ocean.
Floating bits of brown seaweed at ocean surface.
Beach cleanup crew members shovel gathered oil and affected sand into a bag.
Bulldozers doing construction in a Gulf of Mexico marsh.

September 2015

Newly planted wetland vegetation on the bank of a river.
Surrounded by response vessels, the cargo ship VogeTrader grounded on coral.
Oiled boom and marsh in Louisiana.
A view of damaged barge with boom and sorbent pads in the water.

August 2015

Damaged oil tanks and piping with spilled oil along Gulf Coast.
Sunken boat next to a house in Louisiana.
A Chevron oil terminal’s storage tank with severe damage on top.
Oil coating rock and sand beach with palm trees.
Aerial view of Exxon Valdez tanker with boom and oil on water.
Bridge over industrial waterway in Tacoma and view of Mt. Rainier.
Creek passing over a dam in winter.
Muskoxen near the scientists' field camp on Alaska's Espenberg River.

July 2015

Boat with boom next to oil mixed with river bank vegetation.
Two men speaking on a beach with a ferry in the background.
Several response personnel at the harbor's edge.
Front page of Valdez newspaper's first reports on the Exxon Valdez oil spill.
Dead crab on a beach with oily water and debris.
Diver placing PVC tube with small sea snails on the rocky seafloor.
Deepwater Horizon oil rig on fire in Gulf of Mexico with firefighting boats.
Sorbent pads soaking up orange oil on the surface of a creek.
Cleanup worker and oiled boulders where the oil entered the beach.

June 2015

Ships and shipping containers on the Duwamish River in Seattle.
Boat half-sunk in Vermilion Bay, Lousiana.
Close up of skimming device on side of a boat with oil and boom.
Green sea turtle hatchling making tracks in the sand.
Basket full of faded, old plastic bottles on a beach.
Seafloor showing an area of coral restoration.
Edge of oil slick at ocean surface.
Oiled boulders on a California beach with cleanup workers in the distance.

May 2015

Wrecked sailboats and debris along a dock after a hurricane.
Fresh oil on sand.
Diver assessing broken corals on seafloor.
Two people shoveling oily vegetation into a bag on the beach.
Group of dolphin fins at ocean surface.
A view of an oil streak visible on the ocean surface near the coast.
Vibrant marsh with lots of ducks and trucks on the highway in the background.
Person's hand holding the speckled egg of a Scripps's Murrelet.
Excavator removes metal debris from the shore of a coastal landfill.
Responders in a small boat pressure-wash rocky shore at the site of an oil spill

April 2015

Dirty label on leaking chemical drum.
Two people launch a water column sampling device off the side of a ship.
Oil in a boat wake on the ocean surface.
An Air Force plane drops an oil-dispersing chemical onto an oil slick on ocean.
Two men stand on a marsh island, pointing, and two are in a boat nearby.
Charlie Henry explains something to a small group of men and women.
People carrying cases and equipment on a ship.
People at a crowded table with computers and maps.
Dolphin with oil on its skin swimming.
Normal yellowfin tuna larva (top) and abnormal larva exposed to oil.

March 2015

Injured deep-sea coral covered in brown material with its associated brittlestar
A heavy band of oil is visible on the surface of the Gulf of Mexico.
Dolphin with oil on its head swimming in water.
Group of people with clipboards on a beach.
Four people walking along a beach.
Marsh surrounded by vegetation.
Men looking and pointing at a map.
Marsh surrounded by vegetation.

February 2015

Lakeview oil gusher surrounded by sandbags.
A young monk seal and birds on the beach of French Frigate Shoals.
Diver gathering algae into Super Sucker's vacuum hose.
Smoldering train cars derailed from the railroad tracks in snowy West Virginia.
 Person on boat looking oiled sargassum in the ocean.
Crowds of people and emergency vehicles surrounding damaged school.
Four individuals direct their attention to a laptop computer screen.
Fire and smoke on a container ship carrying hazardous materials at sea.
Bags of oiled waste on a beach next to a No Smoking sign.
Aerial view of destroyed houses in Vilonia, Arkansas, after EF4 tornado in 2014
Volunteers sample mussels at a rocky beach with a sign in the foreground.

January 2015

Overview of the Yellowstone River, Jan. 19, 2015.
Seabird chick in a person's hand.
Oil on the ocean and smoke visible in the distance.
Oiled sea duck.
A group of people gathered on a deck, with a ferry in the background.
Excavator removing earth to allow tide waters into the recovering wetland.

December 2014

2014 written in the sand.
Grasses in oily water.
Red bows and evergreen bows on a fence on a beach.
People observe a large tanker with a huge gash in its hull in dry dock.
Two people talking on a beach with a ferry in the background.
Staghorn coral fragments hanging on an underwater tree structure of PVC pipes.
Blue fish among healthy staghorn coral.

November 2014

Birds flying over flooded fields with a nuclear plant in the background.
Excavator removes a rock dam from a stream.
Yellow containment boom floats on a river next to a nuclear power plant.
Man and woman with a desk covered in scientific papers.
Ship Athos I on the Delaware River with response boats nearby.
Aerial view of destroyed buildings at West Fertilizer Company.

October 2014

Crab tangled in yellow net underwater.
Tail-view of humpback whale tangled in rope and nets underwater.
Dolphin pod swimming.
Salmon fins sticking out of a creek.
Degraded marsh area on edge of bay.
Two men clean up oil on a beach behind yellow caution tape.
Two people pull a fishing net out of the water into a small boat.
Cleanup workers scoop oil out of a marsh with containment boom at the edges.

September 2014

Scientists collect young fish and plankton from a net on the Alaskan coast.
Collage: lighthouse, viewing wildlife, heron, canoe in water, flowers, wetlands
People in a boat lowering orange ball into icy waters.
Volunteers in a boat pull debris from the waters of Honolulu.
Two men on a beach with one holding a bin of sand.
Man on a boat removing derelict nets from Puget Sound.

August 2014

Coast Guard icebreaker in sea ice.
Sahara Desert sand dunes from space.
People in a boat next to a small unmanned plane in the water.
Bulldozers prepare a former landfill for restoration along a wetland.
Aerial view of testing facility with long pool.
Sand dunes with grass.
Two barges, one with oil spilled on the deck.
Ship on the horizon of the ocean.
An image of the wreck on the ocean floor.

July 2014

Bright red buoys floating on a bay.
Derailed oil tanker cars up close.
Man in hard hat outside at sign at start of Trans Alaska Pipeline.
Workers salting fur seal skins in a factory.
Nautical terms and marine salvage books.
Crews on a boat pull a casita from the water.
Sign behind a fence reading Metal Bank Super Fund Site.
Illustration of healthy forested habitat along a river bend.
Two people observe smoke and burning in a marsh.

June 2014

Boy running on beach.
Pipeline dug up for an oil spill cleanup next to a creek.
A jellyfish drifting through Monterey Harbor.
Healthy kelp forest in southern California.
A brown pelican floats on the water's surface.
Family playing in tidepools in Santa Cruz, California.
A mug, ruler & NOAA chart with a stack of donuts, one decorated with NOAA logo

May 2014

Divers remove coral rubble from seafloor with a vacuum hose.
A man picks up plastic floats and debris on an Oregon beach.
Industrial river with part of a boat in the view.
Young banded bald eagle in a nest.
Six people wearing bike helmets standing next to bikes.
Red-footed booby coming to land near ocean atoll.
Pilot looking out airplane to Gulf of Mexico.

April 2014

Girl matches her water sample to a range of colored test tubes.
Coast Guard icebreaker breaks ice for a supply ship on an ice-covered ocean.
Oiled boom on a Louisiana beach.
Illustration from video of two salmon swimming by tree roots.
A group of people holding a giant check for $4.9 million.
Man pointing at computer screen to another person.
Two people looking at forms and a booklet on the beach.
A mayfly on the bottom of a river.
LNG tanker Arctic Lady near shore.
Photo of bottlenose Dolphin.

March 2014

Tarball on beach with ruler.
photo of people removing oil-contaminated sand from beach.
A cleanup worker uses a rake to gather oil on the shore of the Texas City Dike.
Atlantic bluefin tuna about to swallow a smaller fish.
Photo of oil on the beach following the oil spill in Galveston Bay.
A man in a tyvek suit stands on a ship next to a life preserver in Alaska.
Two people wearing chest waders sift for marine life in shallow rocky waters.
Aerial view of the Exxon Valdez, surrounded by oil boom.
Close-up of ship's name Exxon Valdez.
The snowy horizon outside Barrow, Alaska, at sunset.
Kids reading books in a book store.
March 1989 calendar image of Exxon Valdez ship.
Families fishing off of a seawall.
Abandoned zinc mining factory in Palmerton, Pennsylvania.

February 2014

A piece of the vessel Davy Crockett is lifted out of the water during salvage.
Neon sign with the word GYRE.
Ice on a river with a bridge crossing it in a city.
A large barge is being offloaded next to tugboats in the ocean.
Man near the ocean with trash bag pointing to wooden heart enscribed with love.
Two rusted ships partially sunk in water and surrounded by containment boom.
Heavy machinery removes soil and rocks in a polluted stream.
Manufacturing plant on the edge of a dammed river.

January 2014

Oil tank cars with railroad tracks.
Aerial view of boats in a harbor with oil floating on the ocean.
Weathered sign, "reading North Brigantine Natural Area," among beach grasses.
A small island with palm trees, a large home, and a riprap perimeter.
Person holding a piece of wood with oily sludge on it.
A ship and tug grounded on the shore.
The coal ship CSL Niagara got stuck in Lake Erie's soft, muddy bottom.
National Transportation Safety Board officials at N.D. train accident scene.
The restored shoreline near the Indian River Power Plant is revegetated.
Kemp's Ridley sea turtle on a beach in Texas.

December 2013

In 2013, a NOAA team collected 14 metric tons of marine debris from Midway Atoll
Dolphin with oil on skin.
The cover of the 2014 Marine Debris Planner.
Giant kelp.
People looking at computer.
Coral habitat with fish in the Hawaiian Islands.

November 2013

Basket of loose corals collected from the area damaged by the 2010 grounding.
Flooded houses along mid-atlantic coast after Hurricane Sandy.
Collecting dead birds on a soybean-covered beach with the Selendang Ayu visible.
Ernie Oros at the Woodbridge marsh dedication ceremony in 2007
Atlantic ERMA view of grounded tanker after Post Tropical Cyclone Sandy.
St. Lawrence Island, Alaska, and its dramatic coastal cliffs.
A view of the free-flowing section of Columbia River known as the Hanford Reach.
A 4-by-4-foot plastic bin spotted off the eastern coast of Oahu.
People cleaning up old fishing nets on a beach in Hawaii.
Teaching U.S. Coast Guard Academy students about the ERMA mapping tool.

October 2013

Zombie nurse.
Boats were displaced and houses flooded in Brigantine, N.J., after Sandy in 2012
Recovering the small unmanned aircraft Puma from the icy waters.
Portion of a letter from a second grader after the Exxon Valdez oil spill, 1989.

September 2013

NOAA employee stands with bowhead whale bones and a welcome sign to Barrow.
NOAA and Coast Guard at a press conference during Deepwater Horizon oil spill.
Tombigbee River in Alabama.
A resting kayak at the Narragansett Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve.
Retrieving Sample Cylinders into Gulf - Multicorer sampling operation aboard the
Storm written in sand by sand castle on New Jersey shore.
Boston firemen stood in thick molasses after a vat exploded in 1919.
A scientific team monitors cleanup progress in an airboat on the Kalamazoo River
Polar bear tracks crisscrossed by artic fox on sea ice, Barrow, Alaska.
Fighting the flames on the Deepwater Horizon drill platform in 2010.

August 2013

Divers work to remove tires from Osborne Reef in Broward County, Florida.
A student sending an underwater text message to another dive team.
Plastic bottle caps collected from Midway Atoll.
NOAA scientist Dr. Sarah Allan collecting fish bile samples in the Arctic.
Coast Guard oversees loading of boom onto a response airboat in Lousiana.
The Coast Guard Cutter Healy breaks ice in the Bering Sea.

July 2013

Workers removing trash rack from stream.
GYRE Expedition participants loading bags of debris from Hallo Bay onto a boat.
NOAA, with U.S. Coast Guard, practiced their ocean survival skills in a pool.
Hercules 265 drilling rig with cloud of leaking natural gas in Gulf of Mexico.
A volunteer diver removes urchins from an urchin barren in southern California.
Aerial view of the Ohmsett facility and its test tank.
Beaver Creek in Oregon with large pieces of wood added to stream margins.
Rainbow sheen.
A view of the Marine Debris Clearinghouse map showing NOAA-funded projects.
Bald Eagle in flight with text, Restoring our national symbol.

June 2013

A view of the Hudson River in the fall.
Multi-colored digital terrain model of the wreck of the freighter Fernstream.
Satellite view of Tropical Storm Andrea on June 8, 2013 crossing over Florida.
Kids trying on survival suits at the NOAA booth at Seattle Science EXPO Day.
A diver removes a mass of nets from a coral reef near Midway Atoll.
New freshwater marsh with the town of Fairhaven, Mass., in the background.
Hurricane Katrina before landfall as visible by satellite in the Gulf of Mexico
A sunset over the ocean viewed from Kure Atoll.
Workers and a crane restoring a wetland in Louisiana.

May 2013

Debris scattered on the ocean floor near the Pacific Islands.
A train crossing over the Delaware River on the Benjamin Franklin Bridge.
1942 photograph of the location of the burning tanker Potrero del Llano.
A black-necked Stilt and Snowy Egrets in the restored wetland habitat.
Plastic debris washed up at Maumee Bay State Park on the shores of Lake Erie.
Wetland grasses replanted in Texas.
Two boys take a break on the beach in Ocean City, Maryland.
Palm trees and tropical beach in Puerto Rico.

April 2013

People examining the barnacle-covered skiff from Japan.
Bald Eagle adult and chicks in the Pelican Harbor nest on Santa Cruz Island.
Response operations near the source of the oil sands spill on Talmadge Creek.
Water and sediment sampling during Enbridge pipeline oil sands spill.
Pelicans and oiled marsh in front of the container ship M/V Everreach in 2002.
Oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill oozes out from beneath a vegetation mat.
Mink at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge.
Concrete pad of a former house and boat house remains in Baytown Nature Center.
The Sawmill Dam before NOAA helped install fishways on the Acushnet River in MA.
Man breaks the ice to prepare a stream for sampling on Adak Island.
Workers dismantling the Japanese dock washed up on Washington's coast.
Manatee sampling red mangrove leaves.
A group of workshop participants are collected together, while one takes notes.
Black smoke from an explosion at a chemical tank storage facility in Savannah.

March 2013

Some of the older nuclear waste storage tanks at Hanford in southeast Washington
Salvage operations for grounded Navy mine ship Ex-Guardian on Philippines reef.
A train derailment in Paulsboro, N.J. released 23,000 gallons of vinyl chloride.
Drawing of clams cleaning the sea floor of debris.
Rubber ducks floating.
A pipeline burns after it was hit by the tug boat Shanon E. Setton in Louisiana.
Tank barge DBL 152 discharging slurry oil shortly before capsizing in Gulf.
The steel, concrete, and foam Japanese dock beached at Olympic National Park.
Alcoa aluminum factory with trees.
Arctic Ocean, Canada Basin, July 22, 2005.
Looking upstream on the Sheboygan River in Wisconsin.
The small boat which washed up on remote Canadian island is tsunami debris.
U.S. Coast Guard uses NOAA GIS satellite image map during Hurricane Katrina.
Leaking wellhead in Lake Ecaille, located in the Mississippi River Delta.

February 2013

USS Guardian grounded on coral reef with tug removing fuel and wastewater.
Housatonic River with covered bridge.
Smoke and fire from a controlled burn in a wooded Lousiania swamp.
Microplastics in sand.
NOAA Coast and Geodetic Survey Steamer PATTERSON in Hawaii in 1913.

January 2013

Shoreline view of Kruzof Island, Sitka Sound, Alaska.
An iceberg captured during a mission in 2012 to map areas of the Arctic.
A worker decontaminates the Japanese dock on a Washington coast beach.
Sign by Hudson River warning against eating contaminated fish.
Rocky coast and habitats adjoin the grounded conical drilling unit Kulluk.
Workers scrape marine organisms from the tsunami dock at Agate Beach, Oregon.
Aerial view of conical drilling unit Kulluk grounded offshore near Kodiak Island
Waves crash over the grounded mobile drilling unit Kulluk.

December 2012

Dock washed up on rocky coast of Washington state.
U.S. Coast Guard oversees the removal of a drum with unknown contents.
Scientists assessed mussel impacts from response to Kalamazoo River oil spill.
Nuclear reactors line the riverbank at the Hanford Site along the Columbia River
A 66-foot floating dock from Japan sits on Agate Beach, Oregon.
Barrow, Alaska, bowhead whale bone monument to lost sailors.

November 2012

Seven train cars derailed when the bridge over the Mantua Creek.
The F/V Gemini, or F/V Western Flyer, after being raised from Swinomish Channel.
A hatchling loggerhead sea turtle takes to the beach.
A family fishes on the Anacostia River near Washington, D.C.
A response team oversees the removal of a sunken boat that was discharging oil.
Female blue crab on a beach.
Boom placed to prevent floating oil from reaching a cemetery in New Jersey
ERMA Gulf Response application displays oiling data in Gulf of Mexico.
Oil sheen visible on the waters of Arthur Kill after Hurricane Sandy.
Oil rising to the ocean surface near drilling rig in Santa Barbara oil spill.

October 2012

Vehicles from the NJ National Guard's E Co., 250th Brigade Support Battalion mov
Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, Hurricane Sandy on the morning of October 29, 2012.
NOAA marine debris expert Peter Murphy teaches a child about trash in our ocean
Senator Richard Shelby and NOAA leaders at Disaster Response Center opening.
NOAA scientists observe an intertidal boulder in Prince William Sound, Alaska.
The 20-by-6-foot skiff covered in barnacles is towed behind a fishing vessel.
Oil pit at Malone Service Company waste site.

September 2012

Explosions and fire at the Barton Solvents facility in Valley Center, Kansas.
Three cleaned brown pelicans prior to being released.
Derelict lobster traps collected from White Island in the Isles of Shoals.
Heavy equipment removes dredge from a marsh restoration site.
Flooded Mississippi River after Hurricane Isaac.
Disposing of derelict fishing gear in a Fishing for Energy bin.

August 2012

Response barges are anchored near the grounded M/V Jireh.
NOAA veterinarian holding an oiled sea turtle.
Small boat on rocky shoreline.
Oil in marsh vegetation during the 2010 Deepwater Horizon/BP oil spill.
Pacific lamprey
Aerial view of river with trees.
Midway Atoll beach with fishing float.
Scientists load onto a small boat marine debris collected at Midway Atoll.

July 2012

Ice and open water in the Beaufort Sea north of Alaska.
Kids play in the sand the same way they have for generations. (NOAA)
Derelict fishing net floating in the open ocean.
Protest sign reading 'spOILed.'
Crews place large wood material which will become engineered log jam habitat for
An arctic cod rests in an ice-covered space.
Styrofoam found on Washington's Long Beach Peninsula.

June 2012

Plastic spoons.
A ship aground on coral reef in Puerto Rico and surrounded by protective boom.
Remains of dead baby albatrosses on a beach with plastic debris.
Pelican escaping oiled waters after the tank ship Eagle Otome spill.
The front face of Hanford's B Reactor, where uranium fuel slugs were loaded.
Person scraping mussels off intertidal rocks at Hat Island.
Overlook of Kotzebue, Alaska.
Amy Merten with children from Kivalina, Alaska.

May 2012

Seattle Space Needle.
Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter.
Aerial view of tornado damage to downtown West Liberty, Kentucky.
A plane releases chemical dispersant to break up an oil slick

April 2012

A diver explores coral in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.
Jar of cigarette butts.
Workers in a marsh and boat.
Japanese soccer ball.
Barge cast 100 feet inland by explosion.
Aerial view of scattered debris in the water.
Tiny particles of degraded plastics.

March 2012

Veterinarians collect samples from a Barataria Bay dolphin.
Orca breaching.
Polar bear on sea ice.
Bird being washed.
Duck on the Delaware River.
Early floating debris fields from the Japan tsunami.
NOAA responder assessing oiling on shoreline.
Oiled river vegetation with containment boom.

February 2012

People laughing on beach field trip.
Posted sign closing river activity due to oil spill response.
Large white building with lawn in front.

January 2012

Photo: Fuel being delivered to the city of Nome, Alaska, from a tanker.
Photo: Oiled Louisiana marsh.
Photo: A diver retrieves a piece of debris from the 2011 Japan tsunami.