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A Video Update on California Kelp Restoration from Thank You Ocean

Giant kelp.
The goal of removing the excess urchins is to allow young kelp plants to establish themselves and grow into a diverse, healthy kelp forest. (NOAA Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary)

DECEMBER 10, 2013 -- "Imagine a barren underwater 'desert' turned back into a lush, healthy habitat in mere months!" A recent video podcast produced by the Thank You Ocean Report welcomed NOAA scientist David Witting to discuss a project to restore kelp forests off the coast of southern California. To bring back the decimated kelp forests, volunteer divers, commercial urchin divers, researchers, and local nonprofit groups are removing urchins to keep them from eating every newly settled kelp plant. This is one of the projects aimed at restoring fish habitat in southern California and was funded by the NOAA Montrose Settlements Restoration Program. So, take a few minutes, kick up your feet (or flippers), and enjoy this early success story about NOAA and our partners' efforts to restore the forests of the sea:

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