Response Tools

To better prepare response communities for oil spills, OR&R develops several software and map tools for spill response and planning. These include GNOME, a trajectory forecasting tool; ADIOS, an oil weathering model; Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) maps, that identify vulnerable resources and habitats; and ERMA®, a GIS-based tool that consolidates key response data.

GNOME Suite: Components and Uses

The GNOME™ suite of tools can be used to support oil spill and other modeling and planning work in a number of ways. To understand the options, here is a brief overview of the components comprising the suite.

GNOME Suite for Oil Spill Modeling

The GNOME™ Suite is a set of modeling tools for predicting the fate and transport of pollutants (such as oil) spilled in water. These modeling tools are used for NOAA’s spill response support and are also publicly available for use by the broader academic, response, and oil spill planning communities.

Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) Maps

Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) maps provide a concise summary of coastal resources at risk if an oil spill occurs nearby.


GNOME is a software modeling tool used to predict the possible route pollutants might follow on the water's surface.


ADIOS is an oil spill response tool that models how different types of oil weather in the marine environment.


GOODS is an online tool that helps GNOME users access base maps and publicly available ocean currents and winds from various models and data sources, and convert them to GNOME-compatible format.

Trajectory Analysis Planner

Contingency planners use the software tool, TAP, to help protect regions against likely oil spills.

Gulf of Mexico ERMA

Gulf of Mexico ERMA integrates key information to support environmental and severe-weather responses in the Gulf of Mexico.

Chemical Aquatic Fate and Effects (CAFE) Database

The CAFE database is a software program that helps responders assess environmental impacts to biological species from chemical or oil spills into aquatic environments.

NUCOS: Unit Converter for Spill Responders

This unit converter was designed for oil spill responders but should be useful to many others.

Selection Guide for Oil Spill Response Countermeasures

The online Selection Guide for Oil Spill Response Countermeasures is an interactive tool that gives oil spill responders the means to evaluate more quickly and easily less familiar response options for potential use during a spill.

Electronic Incident Command System (ICS) Forms

ICS forms are used by people responding to various emergencies. We offer a free ICS forms database (and a customizable version) that allows you to edit, manage, and archive the ICS forms on your computer.

Response System Planning Tools

Several spill response planning tools have been created to help oil spill planners and responders assess system performance of oil spill response methods, including mechanical recovery of oil, the application of dispersant, and in situ burning of oil.