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What We Do

Develop scientific solutions to keep the coasts clean from threats of oil, chemicals, and marine debris.

Fiscal Year

151 Incident Responses

$114M in Restoration Funds

3,015 Metric Tons of Marine Debris Removed

2,576 People Trained in Preparedness and Response

Fiscal Year

130 Incident Responses

$92.8M in Restoration Funds

Over 96 Metric Tons of Marine Debris Removed from the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument

2,286 People Trained in Preparedness and Response

Where We Work



Plan Chemical Spill Response
Plan Oil Spill Response
An online mapping tool that integrates both static and real-time data

Deepwater Horizon

The Office of Response and Restoration was one of the agencies in the response to the 2010 collapse of the Deepwater Horizon oil platform which led to the tragic loss of 11 lives and the largest oil spill in U.S. waters. Even after the event was no longer in headlines, the Office and its partner agencies remained hard at work conducting studies and restoration projects. Visit our information guide to learn more.