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We develop scientific solutions to keep the coasts clean from threats of oil, chemicals, and marine debris.

Response Tools

Predict Impacts to Species

The CAFE database is a software program that helps responders assess environmental impacts to biological species from chemical or oil spills into aquatic environments.

Map Environmental Response Data

ERMA is an online mapping tool integrating static and real-time data in a centralized, easy-to-use format for environmental responders and decision makers.

Plan Chemical Spill Response

The programs of the CAMEO software suite are designed to help prepare for and respond to chemical emergencies.

Model Oil Weathering

ADIOS is an oil spill response tool that models how different types of oil weather in the marine environment.

Model Oil Spill Trajectory

GNOME is a software modeling tool used to predict the possible route pollutants might follow on the water's surface.

Map Environmental Sensitivity

Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) maps provide a concise summary of coastal resources at risk if an oil spill occurs nearby.