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Electronic Incident Command System (ICS) Forms

The Incident Command System (ICS) is an organized way to respond to emergencies using standard job roles, forms, and terminology. This method of organizing an emergency response is used across the government, industry, and private sector, both within the U.S. and internationally, to create a common structure that everyone understands to ensure fast and efficient emergency response.

The U.S. Coast Guard developed ICS forms for all-risk/all-hazard situations and is the best source for downloading the forms, where they are available in PDF and Microsoft Word/Excel formats.

Our office, however, does offer the following:

  • A free ICS forms database that allows you to edit, manage, and archive the ICS forms electronically on your computer. This product is no longer under active development by our office, and the forms may be out of date.
  • A free FileMaker master file that you can use as an ICS form template and customize if you own a copy of the FileMaker software.
Downloading and Installing the ICS Forms Database

On a Windows XP/Vista/7 PC:

ICS Forms Database for Windows [Windows Executable, 8 MB]

When prompted to save the file, click Save File to download the installer. Next, double-click the installer and follow the directions you'll see on your screen to install the database.

On a Mac:

ICS Forms Database for Mac [Mac Disk Image, 173 MB]

You will see the disk image file, ICS_DB_Forms.dmg, on your desktop. This file will automatically open to show the ICS Forms Folder. Move the ICS Forms Folder to wherever you would like your ICS Forms database to reside.

Source FileMaker Version for Windows and Mac:

Customizable ICS Forms Database Master File [Zip, 5 MB]: FileMaker 10 software required to modify this file.

More Information about Electronic ICS Forms

Electronic ICS Forms Development History: Find updates OR&R has made to the electronic ICS forms we have developed over the years.


Questions: Contact us with your questions, comments, or suggestions for the ICS Forms Database.

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