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ERMA at Abandoned and Derelict Vessel Workshop
Map of California.
ERMA map showing abandoned vessels near San Francisco. (NOAA)

MAY 8, 2015--The Environmental Response Management Application (ERMA®) played a major part at the Marine Debris Program’s Abandoned and Derelict Vessel Workshop.

Existing Abandoned Derelict Vessel (ADV) data in the Southwest Environmental Response Management Application (Southwest ERMA) and the Pacific Northwest ERMA were presented to participants of the workshop during a Geospatial Tools demonstration.
Regional experiences and data management efforts were shared by local agencies and organizations. From those discussions came a strong sense that limited funding will require partnerships between ADV data managers to leverage and enhance existing data solutions to a national level. This strategy can standardize data management practices, provide centralized access to information and increase efficiency for all involved.

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