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NOAA Marine Debris Program Leads Abandoned and Derelict Vessel Workshop
An abandoned vessel laying partially submerged in the water.
An ADV disrupts the waters in Coral Bay in the U.S. Virgin Islands in Saint John. (NOAA)

APRIL 24, 2015--This week, 52 representatives from 15 states, four federal agencies, and Canada gathered at the NOAA Disaster Response Center in Mobile, Alabama, for a NOAA Marine Debris Program workshop focusing on abandoned and derelict vessels (ADVs).

The goal of the workshop was to strengthen program effectiveness and improve collaborative efforts to address ADVs by sharing information, including learning from experts around the country about their ADV successes and challenges. Workshop participants also provided suggestions for improving soon-to-launch ADV Infohub, a web-based tool that NOAA is developing to provide federal, state and local ADV decision makers with comprehensive information on ADVs.

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