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Sea Star Disease Described at Science of Oil Spills Class

A field trip, part of the Science of Oil Spills (SOS) class conducted by OR&R in Seattle during the week of August 4, 2014, featured a presentation by local marine biologist and citizen scientist Michael Kyte on on "Sea Star Wasting Syndrome."

The 42 SOS students were told about how the disease is detroying sea stars (starfish) along the entire Pacific coast of North America. Kyte, a scientist with 40 years experience, is a member of a national response team that is monitoring sea stars from Baja to British Columbia.

The scientist also became one of the instructors on the field trip, answering student questions and providing reliable insight the discussion of marine ecological processes. OR&R thanks him for volunteering his time and expertise.

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Two men on a beach.
Marine biologist Michael Kyte and OR&R Senior Scientist Alan Mearns on the SOS field trip. (NOAA)
Two starfish in a tub.
Two examples of the diseased sea stars found along the beach in Edmonds, Washington. (NOAA)
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