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<a href="/oil-spills/itc-tank-fire">ITC Tank Fire</a>

Case Pages on DARRP - Wed, 10/13/2021 - 11:23
Oil Spill | Deer Park, TX | March 2019 What Happened?

On Sunday March 17, 2019, a storage tank caught fire engulfing much of the Second 80’s tank battery at the Intercontinental Terminals Company, LLC (ITC) Deer Park facility in Deer Park, Texas. The fire was initially extinguished on March 20th, but reignited on March 22nd and damaged a second containment wall of the tank facility. 

Revere, MA Tanker Truck Rollover, 1030 Broadway, Revere, MA 02151, USA

Incident News - Tue, 10/12/2021 - 17:00
Early morning of 13 October a tanker truck carrying approximately 10,000 gallons of diesel fuel overturned at Brown's rotary in Revere, MA. Approximately 7,500 gallons of diesel was released and some fuel spilled into a creek area that flows into the Saugus River.

Unknown Sheen Niagara River, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada

Incident News - Sat, 10/09/2021 - 17:00
At 2030 eastern time on October 10th, the NOAA SSC was notified by Sector Buffalo that an unknown sheen was reported to USCG Station Niagara. At approximately 1730, USCG Station Niagara deployed a small boat to follow a surface water sheen and reported observations of a vapor cloud that smelled of fuel near the presumed point location. USCG requests SCC to join a conference call with USCG and Canada to discuss the observations this evening.

Unknown Sheen Lake Huron, Northern Lake Huron near the Straits of Mackinac

Incident News - Thu, 10/07/2021 - 17:00
At 1200 on December 8th, SSC was notified by USCG Sector SOO of an unknown sheen identified by Canadian satellites. An NRC was generated as a result. USCG is requesting NOAA Satellite data for the area to collaborate confirmation of a sheen.

Abandoned Platform - High Island Block 10, Offshore Texas

Incident News - Wed, 10/06/2021 - 17:00
On October 7, 2021 MSU Port Arthur IMD contacted NOAA SSC to request NESDIS imagery of an abandoned platform discharging oil in High Island Block 10. Platform is dripping oil creating a rainbow sheen. No imagery was available for the time of interest, NESDIS will monitor as images come available (10/10-11).

42' Sailing Vessel, BAGHEERA , Aground, Nedonna Beach, OR

Incident News - Sun, 10/03/2021 - 17:00
At 0800 on 04-Oct-2021, USCG Sector Columbia River contacted the SSC. A 42’ sailing vessel is aground on Nedonna Beach, OR. The CG is going to the scene and conducting an overflight this morning. Request phone support to identify sensitive wildlife areas in the vicinity of the grounded vessel.

Oil report off Huntington Beach, CA, United States

Incident News - Fri, 10/01/2021 - 17:00
At 0840 hrs on 02-OCT-2021, USCG Sector Los Angeles/Long Beach contacted their NOAA SSC regarding a spill report. NRC Report No. 1318437 described an unknown sheen in the water at 1813 hrs local time on 01-OCT. Roughly 45 minutes later, a SENTINEL 1-A satellite image was obtained that became the basis for a NESDIS Marine Pollution Surveillance Report (MPSR) issued at 0015 hrs local (0815 UTC) on 02-OCT. USCG field teams investigating the reports in the morning, observed a large area of thick in the vicinity of the NRC and MPSR reports, black oil roughly 3.25 NM offshore and requested trajectory support.

Mystery Sheen, Offshore WA, Approx. 45 NM west of Willapa Bay, WA

Incident News - Thu, 09/30/2021 - 17:00
On October 1, 2021, a potential oil anomaly was observed in NOAA satellite imagery. Imagery detected a sheen approx. 45 NM west of Willapa Bay, WA that is 12NM in length and 1.2 NM in width. USCG Sector Columbia River is requesting satellite imagery and a reverse trajectory drift model to determine the vessels that were in the area at the time of potential release.

<a href="/hazardous-waste/former-gloucester-gas-light-company">Former Gloucester Gas Light Company </a>

Case Pages on DARRP - Sun, 09/26/2021 - 17:39
Hazardous Waste Site | Gloucester, MA | Mid-19th century to present What Happened?

Between 1854 and 1952, the former Gloucester Gas Light Company operated a manufactured gas plant (MGP) along the Gloucester waterfront in the vicinity of the present-day Harbor Loop and Rogers Street along the Inner Harbor.

Chemical spill US Steel Corporation Midwest, Portage, Indiana

Incident News - Sun, 09/26/2021 - 17:00
On September 27, 2021, the NOAA SSC for the Great Lakes was notified of an orange sludgy substance accidentally released from a US Steel Corporation Facility. EPA, USCG, and State responders were on scene and collected samples. The source is secured. USCG is requesting phone support to provide clean-up recommendations for what is expected to be an iron sludge spill.

Cooking Oil Recycling Facility Spill, Duwamish Waterway, WA

Incident News - Mon, 09/20/2021 - 17:00
On the afternoon of Sept. 21, 2021, the NOAA SSC was notified of an approx. 900 gallon spill of cooking oil at the Mahoney Environmental Restaurant Cooking Oil Recycling Facility. The incident occurred after a truck collided with a used cooking oil storage tank at the facility. A majority of the oil spilled on concrete and was recovered. Approx. 200 gallons flowed into a bioswale near the Duwamish River, saturated the soil, and is creating a sheen on the Duwamish which is boomed. USCG SPS has hired a contractor to remove oil saturated soil from the bioswale.

F/V Laura Marie Sinking, llwaco Marina, Ilwaco, WA, USA

Incident News - Wed, 09/15/2021 - 17:00
In the late evening on 16-Sept-2021, USCG Sector Columbia River notified the NOAA SSC of a 50’ commercial vessel sinking at Ilwaco Marina, WA with 600 gallons red-dye diesel on board. The spill is contained within the boom. NW Fire on-scene and Global contracted to plug tank vents and refloat the vessel.

F/V BARBARA MARIE spill, Spud Point Marina, Bodega Bay, CA

Incident News - Tue, 09/14/2021 - 17:00
Late morning on 16-SEP-2021, staff from the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary contacted their NOAA SSC to request a trajectory for a reported diesel spill in Bodega Harbor, CA. Further information obtained from USCG Sector San Francisco indicated that roughly 200-300 gallons of diesel fuel may have discharged from the F/V BARBARA MARIA during a tank-to-tank transfer late in the evening of 15-SEP-2021. Winds have been light & variable since early in the spill and USCG Sector San Francisco observed scattered sheen in other areas of Bodega Harbor. Oil fate & transport info was requested.

Guilford CT boat wreck, New Haven County, CT, USA

Incident News - Sun, 09/12/2021 - 17:00
On September 13, 2021, the USCG Sector Long Island Sound, New Haven, contacted the NOAA SSC on the morning of September 13 requesting trajectory information for a potential 200 gallon diesel spill in Long Island Sound. A fate analysis and trajectory model was run by the New England SSC and shared with USCG.

Tropical Storm Nicholas, Texas, Freeport, TX

Incident News - Sat, 09/11/2021 - 17:00
Tropical Storm Nicholas made landfall near Freeport, TX on September 13, 2021. Briefly intensifying to a Category 1 hurricane (75 mph winds), it then moved across Texas as a tropical storm. The upper coast of Texas experienced significant storm surge and rainfall. The storm is forecast to move across southeastern Texas as a tropical depression, and linger over southwestern Louisiana for several days.

NRG Energy Fuel Diesel Fuel Spill, Dagsboro, DE, Dagsboro, DE

Incident News - Tue, 09/07/2021 - 17:00
At 4:00 pm on 8 September, USCG Sector Delaware Bay and USEPA, both notified the NOAA SSC about a 26,000 gallon pipeline diesel fuel spill from the NRG Energy facility, located adjacent to the Indian River, Delaware. At this time, all product has been contained within secondary containment, but USCG and EPA concerned about potential overflow into Indian River as a result of a storm moving into the area this evening. Purpose of the call was to notify SSC, no products requested at this time.

<a href="/hazardous-waste/oahu-sugar">Oahu Sugar</a>

Case Pages on DARRP - Fri, 09/03/2021 - 14:55
Hazardous Waste Site | Hawaii | 1947-1995 What Happened?

The Oahu Sugar Company Ltd. operated sugar cane fields and associated facilities on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, and leased land at Pearl Harbor from the United States Department of Defense and Department of Navy from roughly 1947-1995. 

Over the years, these activities at the site, including storage, mixing, and loading of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, resulted in the release of hazardous substances in the environment. 

Oil Spill off Syrian Coast, Baniyas, Syria

Incident News - Mon, 08/30/2021 - 17:00
On August 31, 2021, the government of Cyprus made an informal request to the US Department of State for assistance in tracking a crude oil spill off the Syrian coast. The State Dept. then notified the National Response Team's International Assistance Subcommittee who contacted NOAA to inquire about satellite reconnaissance to track the slick. Source of the oil is reported to be from a storage tank inside the Baniyas oil refinery.

PC PERFECT CAST sunk, Off Point Reyes, CA

Incident News - Sat, 08/28/2021 - 17:00
On August 29, 2021, the USCG Sector San Francisco contacted their NOAA SSC to report the sinking of the PC PERFECT CAST about 13 NM southwest of Point Reyes. She was taking on water while under tow and reportedly sank around 1300 hrs. The vessel is believed to be carrying 280 gallons of diesel, but there are currently no reports of sheening. USCG requested trajectory support in the event of a release.

Hurricane Ida, Gulf of Mexico

Incident News - Thu, 08/26/2021 - 17:00
This hotline was opened on August 27, 2021, to capture information regarding Hurricane Ida. Ida is expected to make landfall later this week and result in major impacts to coastal Louisiana. As a multi-hazard event with possible involvement of multiple NOS programs, the NOS Disaster Coordination Dashboard has been established for situational awareness, communications, coordination, and documentation across NOS program offices and up to (and through) NOS leadership. Future updates will be provided as the incident evolves.


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