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CAMEO Data Manager and Tier2 Submit Updates Released

JAN. 18, 2022  — Recently, NOAA and the Environmental Protection Agency jointly released their annual updates for CAMEO Data Manager and Tier2 Submit™, two programs that aid state and local emergency planners in preparing for and responding to chemical emergencies.

The latest versions are CAMEO Data Manager 4.1.0 and Tier2 Submit 2021 (released on December 21st). These versions have many enhancements, including updated state-specific data fields for regulatory report year 2021, improved verification of user-entered latitude/longitude coordinates, and refined exports for KML file types so that they prioritize the Extremely Hazardous Substances (EHSs) on site. 

Both programs are part of the CAMEO® software suite, a set of tools to help emergency planners and responders with hazardous chemical releases. Annually, the suite has around 3.5 million page views online and 250,000 downloads of the desktop and mobile app programs.

The CAMEO software suite has been jointly developed by NOAA and the EPA for more than 30 years, and programs in the suite are vital components of many emergency responder and planner toolkits. All of the programs in the suite are available to users at no cost. 

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Last updated Tuesday, November 8, 2022 1:42pm PST