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Coastal Response Research Center Hosts Visit by NOS Assistant Administrator Nicole LeBoeuf

AUG. 29, 2022 — On Aug. 18, scientists from the Coastal Response Research Center at University of New Hampshire hosted Nicole LeBoeuf, National Ocean Service assistant administrator, and Chrissy Hayes after their visit to the Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping / Joint Hydrographic Center.

Two people holding a device over a table.

OR&R staff and other NOAA partners (Sarah Wilkin, NOAA's National Stranding Network Coordinator) attended virtually to describe OR&R-supported all-hazards research, recent science involving marine mammals, and the portfolio of projects ongoing with the center.

Two of Nancy Kinner's students, Jessica Manning and Tori Sweet, used the MacFarlane Flume and other lab areas to show how oil behaves in several different under-ice conditions and how low sulfur fuel oil behaves when spilled. The research center focuses on six topics chosen in consultation with OR&R: all hazards preparedness, tools and technologies, natural resource assessment and restoration, data access and use, Arctic challenges, and human dimensions. ERMA, a widely-used platform to support a common operational picture during all-hazards response, was developed with NOAA at the center. 

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