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Collaboration Meeting Brings Together International Partners Addressing Marine Debris Across North America

JUNE 10, 2024 — On May 23, the NOAA Marine Debris Program held a virtual meeting with participants from the United States, Mexico, and Canada funded through NOAA by the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) Implementation Act. This meeting was facilitated by the NOAA Marine Debris Program and gathered over 50 attendees and 15 project partners from various sectors, aiming to address marine debris issues across North America.

A group of people with large bags clean up a grassy area.
Partners are working to clean-up a stream in overburdended creek in Monterrey, Mexico. Image credit: Sociedad Sostenible AC.

The USMCA, signed in 2019, helps promote and facilitate environmental protection and collaboration among the three governments and includes a specific focus on marine debris. Through the USMCA Implementation Act, the NOAA Marine Debris Program received $8 million to fund projects to prevent, remove, and assess marine debris in the region. These projects reflect the Program's dedication to supporting the USMCA's environmental objectives, including preserving human health and marine ecosystems, biodiversity conservation, and mitigating marine debris impacts and costs.

The purpose of the USMCA grantee coordination meeting was to bring the USMCA grantees together to share project results and experiences, promote knowledge sharing among the grantees, explore opportunities for future collaboration, and continue the work of the USMCA community of practice. Opening remarks were provided by the Marine Debris Program’s Director as well as the Deputy Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Environmental and Natural Resources of the Office of the United States Trade Representative. The Marine Debris Program led the meeting’s sessions and group discussions, giving speakers the opportunity to discuss their ideas on successes, lessons learned, and ideas to continue the work of the USMCA community of practice.

The projects funded through these competitions represent the Marine Debris Program’s commitment to supporting the Agreement's environmental goals, including the need to take action to prevent and reduce marine debris in order to preserve human health and marine and coastal ecosystems, prevent the loss of biodiversity, and mitigate the costs and impacts of marine debris. Learn more about the Program’s international collaboration on their website.

Last updated Monday, June 17, 2024 4:27am PDT