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Commencement Bay NRDA Settlement Restoration Project Dedicated
Man speaking from a podium outdoors.

OCTOBER 13, 2017—NOAA Restoration Center’s Jason Lehto speaks at the dedication of a combined flood control and off-channel habitat restoration project on the White River in Washington State.

This habitat project received funds from a Natural Resource Damages Settlement in Commencement Bay and now provides 121 acres of salmon habitat in the watershed.  The settlement was the result of a team effort of NOAA’s Damage Assessment and Restoration Program, which includes ORR, NOAA Restoration Center and the NOAA General Counsel.  The restoration project moved an existing flood control levee back from the river and used structures made of logs and natural materials called biorevetments that contain river flows in a more habitat friendly manner.  

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Photo: Jason Lehto speaking at dedication ceremony. Image credit: NOAA.