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Dolphin Research Project Selected for NOAA RESTORE Science Program Funding

SEPTEMBER 20 ─ This week NOAA’s RESTORE Science Program awarded $2.3 M in funding to 20 project teams to plan for actionable science in the Gulf of Mexico. As one of the project's co-investigators, ARD’s Dr. Michel Gielazyn is helping to lead and examine the cumulative impacts of pollution on dolphins near Houston, Texas. 

Dolphins swimming.
Bottlenose dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico, Image credit: NOAA.

The project, titled “Developing a research framework to support assessments of cumulative effects from multiple stressors on dolphins in the Houston area under CERCLA and OPA” will help design a framework for assessing the impacts of pollution, from both oil spills and hazardous waste pollution, on marine mammals that face multiple stressors. The research team is composed of NOAA and National Marine Mammal Foundation scientists, and will also establish a collaborative working group for marine mammals in the Gulf of Mexico.

To learn more about this exciting work visit the NOAA RESTORE Science Program Website’s project profile or contact for more information. 

Last updated Tuesday, November 8, 2022 1:42pm PST