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Dr. Michael Ziccardi of UC Davis on Giving Oiled Wildlife a Chance to Survive

February 22, 2021 — On the Feb. 18 episode of You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know, we dove into the life of a veterinarian for oiled wildlife. Dr. Michael Ziccardi of UC Davis discussed how far we have come in giving the oiled wildlife in a response a chance to survive.

People in white coats working with a dolphin.
Image credit: UC Davis.

When birds and dolphins are covered in black tar a structured flowchart is used to help navigate the precious hours to best assess, plan, and react to give the animals a fighting chance. Dr. Ziccardi explained the process and events that take place to organize so many volunteers in such a stressful and fast-paced situation. The organization that flows into an incident command structure and the adaptability that can be used on a national level to better serve the wildlife.

Dr. Ziccardi allows us a view into a different side of the response network that is taking action on more than just the waterways and beaches but the vast number of creatures that live there.

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Man in latex gloves examines a turtle.
Image credit: UC Davis.
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