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Pribilof Islands Environmental Restoration Project

The Pribilof Islands Environmental Restoration Project was a special project office within NOAA's Office of Response and Restoration (OR&R) from 1999 to 2008. OR&R led the restoration and cleanup of the Pribilof Islands, located in Alaska's Bering Sea, with the goal to remove debris and contamination and close landfills left behind from the U.S. government's management of the commercial fur seal harvest from 1867 to 1983.

NOAA completed the cleanup of all 60 sites on St. Paul Island and all 36 sites on St. George Island, both of which are part of the five island Pribilof archipelago. NOAA also substantially funded the development of new, permitted solid waste facilities on St. Paul Island and St. George Island. With environmental restoration activities concluded in September 2008, OR&R handed off long-term monitoring of groundwater and closed landfills on the Pribilof Islands to NOAA's Office of the Chief Administrative Officer.

More Information about Pribilof Islands Restoration

Henry Wood Elliott: Defender of the Fur Seal: This NOAA Ocean Media Center documentary uncovers a little-known piece of American history told through the story of Henry Wood Elliott, an artist and naturalist on the Pribilof Islands who many regard as the man who saved the northern fur seal from extinction.

People of the Seal: This film explores the centuries-old connection between the northern fur seal and the Unangan natives of Alaska's Pribilof and Aleutian Islands in the middle of Alaska's Bering Sea. It was produced by the NOAA Ocean Media Center and 42° N Films.

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