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Lessons with Little Learners: Marine Debris Program Does Virtual Outreach with Honolulu Elementary School

MAY 23, 2022 — Even our youngest learners are eager to explore ocean issues and stewardship. On Monday, May 16, the Marine Debris Program virtually engaged with four first grade classes at Wai‘alae Elementary in Honolulu.

Shanelle Naone, Pacific Islands Region communications and outreach coordinator, discussed the sources, types, and impacts of marine debris with the aid of TRASH TALK videos. With the use of individual whiteboards, students were able to engage in Q&A by drawing their responses and holding them up for the camera. Students also participated in a rubber band entanglement activity to better understand what animals may experience when encountering marine debris. 

With technology and creativity, virtual outreach like this proves to be an effective tool to meaningfully engage learners of all ages.

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Last updated Tuesday, November 8, 2022 1:41pm PST