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Marine Debris Expert Works with Youth on Community Outreach Campaign

NOVEMBER 8, 2021 ─ On November 2, Marine Debris Program (MDP) team member Shanelle Naone provided information on marine debris messaging and communications to students participating in an MDP-funded grant program.

In an effort to reduce plastic pollution in their community, Zero Waste Washington is working with student groups to conduct community-­based education and engagement around litter that impacts the Duwamish River and nearby Puget Sound in Washington State. Student cohorts are learning about litter, marine debris, and video production. They are creating public service announcement videos, conducting door-to-door outreach, and other community engagement activities to raise awareness of the issue within their community.  

To aid in their outreach efforts, Shanelle taught the students about the field of communications, what skills need to be developed, and best practices for engaging with the community around marine debris.  

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