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Marine Debris Program Awards Funding to 25 New Projects

SEPT. 13, 2021 — On Sept. 9, the NOAA Marine Debris Program announced the 25 recipients of our 2021 Removal, Research, and North America Marine Debris Prevention and Removal Grant awards totaling approximately $7.3 million in federal funds.

Federal funding is matched by non-federal contributions, bringing the total investment of these marine debris projects to approximately $14.7 million. Marine debris is a pervasive national and global problem that harms wildlife, navigation safety, ecosystem health, and the economy. 

The Marine Debris Program offers nationwide competitive funding opportunities for projects that improve ecological resources through researching and removing marine debris. This year, the Marine Debris Program also provided funding for projects that prevent and remove marine debris in Mexico and the U.S.-Mexico and U.S.-Canada border areas. 

These projects will improve habitats and other ecological resources, and help build a foundation of knowledge and resources to change behaviors, raise awareness, and promote the long-term prevention of marine debris. The Marine Debris Program is proud to support impactful, community-driven, and cost-effective projects. 

For more information on this year’s funded projects, visit the 2021 Removal, Research, and North America Prevention and Removal funding pages on the Marine Debris Program website.

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